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Watch Out for Marriage Troubles!

>> Dec 20, 2010

Of course, you don’t want to have a broken marriage. To maintain a marriage, you should know any warning sign. Don’t be one of people that don’t notice at all troubles in marriage form the beginning.

Knowing these signs earlier make you are able to fix the problem and save your marriage. Here are some warning signs:

1. You and your spouse are fighting over the same thing repetitively with no end in sight.

2. There is no intimacy. When is the last time you hug and kiss your spouse? If it hasn’t been done for along time, it’s a sign that marriage trouble is alive in your home.

3. Between you and your spouse, there are no longer things that you’re interested to do it together. You prefer to do things separately, most of the times. When you do something together, there is no communication, only silence.

4. It seems that you can’t do the right thing. Your every move is often or always criticized with negative comments. Your spouse shows no respect.

5. You’re the last person to know. Your spouse tells friends, family and everyone but you! You must find out from someone else. It’s really a warning sign!

6. Staying distracted. You feel better if you’re avoiding your spouse. You’re always doing something different than interacting with one another.

So, do you relate to one or some of these warning signs? Since it indicates that you are in marriage trouble; you should do appropriate things to save your marriage. If you still love your spouse, fix your marriage problems immediately!

Source: google, reviewingrelationshipadvice.com

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