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Couple’s Corner: My Husband as A Son

>> Jun 9, 2011

This week’s topic is still about hubbies. This time I’m sharing about my hubby as a son. My hubby, Rofi, is the sixth of seven siblings. He has three sisters and three elder brothers.

Unfortunately, my hubby had unhappy childhood. It could be said that he was lack of her mother’s care. For years (about five years), she had to take care of her sister (my hubby’s aunt) who had seriously ill in another town.

When my hubby’s age is between eight until thirteen years old, he was often left by his mother. In a month, she’s only at home for three or four days. Not long after my hubby’s aunt passed away, her mother also got sick. She died when my hubby is fifteen years old. Although my hubby didn’t get enough affection from her mom, he always says that he admires and loves her mother.

My hubby told me that his father applied strict parenting style. He’s always got punishment every time he made a mistake. Though as a child, he’s rather scare to his father; their relationship is close enough, until now. My father in-law is a type of father who likes to give lots of advice to his children, included to my hubby.

As a son, I think my hubby can get along well with his father. My FIL lives alone in his own home in another town; but he often visits his children here. Every time my FIL meets my hubby, he always requests my hubby to massage him. When FIL acts like a little child -sometimes- my hubby wants to handle him with patient.

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