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4 Reasons to Visit Surfers Paradise in the Winter Months

>> Jul 4, 2011

There are a number of events that can influence the number of tourists visiting Surfers Paradise throughout the year, and when tourist numbers are up the cost of Surfers Paradise accommodation will increase. That being said, the winter months in Australia will still tend to allow you to get a better deal. Just because the weather is not steaming hot, it does not mean you cannot have a fun filled and exciting holiday. For some, this time of year is actually the most important. This article takes a look at some of the most popular activities for the cooler months of the year. Some of these activities can only be done during this time, so make sure you know what is going on.

· Whale Watching. August is the middle of the whale watching season on the Gold Coast. There are many disappointed tourists who visit during the more popular summer months only to find out, they do not get a chance to see this amazing natural phenomenon, and see these beautiful creatures in all their natural glory.

· Surfing. While most fanatical surfers don’t care about the weather, and it is the wave they are interested in, if you are interested in trying wind surfing or kite surfing, the winter months provide the best conditions. It is the time of year where the waves are right, the winds are blowing and there is enough room on the ocean to let fly at those amazing speeds. Water temperatures are pretty stable all year round, and while the weather is cooler, the sea temperatures are not that much colder than in the summer months.

· Tangalooma. If you are interested in nature, the cooler months also bring about some of the best nature watching activities. If you are lucky, and happen to pick the right day, you are likely to see Dugongs, rare hump-back dolphines, flying fish, stingrays, huge turtles and a whole lot more. Tangalooma is one of the best places to take part in whale watching and the people who run these tours are very experienced at making your dreams come true.

· All year round. One thing you will always be guaranteed is fun at the array of theme and fun parks, just a short drive north of the Gold Coast. These theme parks can get extremely busy in the summer months, and it is more likely you can find promotional offers to make a family visit all that more affordable.

For families, Surfers Paradise apartments or serviced apartments with sea or mountain views are recommended. You will see some of the most amazing electrical storms in the evenings, and most days it does not actually rain. The winter months can be some of the best times to get involved in nature and enjoy the amazing scenery of the Gold Coast without the steamy hot weather. For nature lovers, it is the only time to go.

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eden July 5, 2011 at 2:43 PM  

I love to visit this place especially this time of the year because it is so cold here. Great info.

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