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May the Housework Affect Your Relationship?

>> Dec 18, 2013

A relationship is a complex thing. It's something that two people have to work on, make compromises and create together an environment of idyll, love and happiness. However, there are some external factors that, no matter how simple of a reason they seem to be, may have their strong negative or positive effects on a relationship. And this depends entirely on the people who are in a relationship and their own understanding of right and wrong. When two people live together, there are several things they have to take care of and one of them is maintaining the housework. Possible differences in their understanding may lead to some real big troubles out of nothing. On the other hand, cooperation and team work can not only help creating a home together but they can even bring people closer. In other words, housework may affect your relationship in different ways. Let's see how.


Negative Effects

Different people have different perceptions. And that's more than natural. Therefore, when being in a relationship, it's essential to try and consider the other person's understanding about certain things, such as managing the housework, for example. It is indeed true that some men might be less concerned about cleaning, but be more interested in handling other things in the house, such as repairs, for instance. It's a fact that many couples lead endless fights over housework. Some women get tired of cleaning, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, ironing clothes... (the list continues). They expect their men to help in the process and get very disappointed when this doesn't happen. And this is a very common situation. However, wasting nerves to fight over such things is very unnecessary. What should be done in a situation like this is to communicate. Talking about the problem and discussing different options is the right way to handle the case. Find the appropriate time to bring up the subject and speak calmly, even if you feel annoyed. An idea you might find very helpful is to consider making a plan and sharing the responsibilities within the house. Explain calmly your partner that it's the two of you who live there, therefore it's both of you who have to take care of the place and find a solution to the problem together. Help from a third party can be a good idea too, so you might want to suggest hiring cleaning services.

Positive Effects

Everyone can think of bad ways housekeeping can affect a relationship. But there are good sides, too. Some couples manage to share the housework responsibilities and to successfully run a happy home. This, of course, depends on a huge number of factors – personal character, patience, sense of responsibility, perception and even sense of humour to some extent. Couples who can handle the housework without fighting and even turning it into a pleasant fun time to spend together, have found the right way of sharing a life. It depends a lot on each individual's own character. Establishing an environment of positive cooperation can not only lead to great results at home and handing the housework without any problem, but it can also create a great atmosphere of successful team work, respect and trust. These are important factors in a relationship and although doing the housework looks like it has nothing to do with the relations within a couple, it's not so. The idea of managing something together and creating a home can make two people feel even closer to each other.

There are both negative and positive ways that housework can affect a relationship. Follow our tips on how to avoid problems caused by maintaining responsibilities at home.

Author Bio: Jessica Conars loves to write about relationships and feelings between people. She works for http://www.callcleaners.co.uk/cleaners-nw10-willesden/ and she has a lot of free time to write.

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