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Changing Matrimony Trends in India

>> Dec 10, 2013

Do you plan to get wedded to an engineer, doctor or an architect? With merging boundaries and changing perceptions, the basic steps of selecting a spouse undergo a shuffle. Now a day’s occupation of the prospective partner becomes a key factor for marriage. How the matrimony trends witnesses’ transformation in India, let’s take a look.

With everything changing across the globe, the parameters of finding a future mate have also changed over the decades. Especially in countries like India where the youth is turning more career centric. They look for a partner who belongs to the same profession that not only ensures compatibility in the personal domain but also on the professional front.

Witnessing the changing scenarios, even the matrimony sites have undergone relevant modifications and created a section where the profession of the candidates plays an important role and the customer profiles are differentiated on the basis of the occupation one is engaged in. This facilitates easy search as the business or the service industry one is absorbed in is the matter of prime concern.

It has been common now days that engineer boy looks for an engineer girl, a doctor may look for a doctor and a businessman would prefer to get a future partner from the same background. Though the opinions may differ at times but the maximally “same profession” becomes the parameter for finding a future partner. There are several reasons for this transformation.

Profession Oriented Wedding
Anxiety Factor
There were days when an educated girl and a well settled boy was the criteria on which the nuptial bonds were established but over the period of time the boost in the job market and better employment opportunities becoming available, the prospective bride or groom takes a step ahead to probe details about the profession of the future mate.

It’s not like that love has disappeared and money rules the marriages today instead the partners are more cautious about their future stability and wish to get wedded to the partner who either works in same office or in similar profession. For example considering a case of businessman matrimony, a businessman may find difficult settling with a girl in service industry. Difference in work shifts, job profiles, work pressure and a discrepancy in background of the profession may create rift between them. To overcome such mental agonies, the youth today prefer marrying the partner of sharing the same professional background.

It can be immense relief if the wedded couple works in same office. Imagine you can meet your partner at frequent intervals. Apart from it, sharing meals, attending parties and similar organization policies ensures more compatibility. You can plan your holidays and leisure trips accordingly.

More than half of the daily time is spent in doing office work. Getting a support of your partner in the professional arena increases the compatibility of the relation and boosts understanding levels.

Helping Hand
Think of the situation where you and your spouse handle the same business. You not only have your best person around but also a reliable helping hand. There are times when jumping on a particular decision in the business becomes difficult, you can always seek help from your spouse as he/she belongs to the same industry.

Future Stability: - Everybody wishes to grow and expand. Therefore working partner has become the need of the youth today. It ensures an earning hand, better savings and a bright and stable future. Monetary stability is big concern. A partner from the same background can resume business activities in your absence, handling crucial decisions pertaining to business planning and expansion.

Sharing Drives: - How about sharing drive with your beloved each morning? Going to office will never be dull and boring when you have the best person in the world right beside you. 

Author Bio: - Subhadra Bhadauria is a passionate writer for famous matrimony siteJeevansathi.com. She is a regular blogger and holds keen interest in matrimony writings. The writer has done her mass communication and deals with novel writings in diverse fields.

2 komentar:

livingshed December 11, 2013 at 9:32 AM  

others marry because of each other's wealthiness..

Rossanoni December 11, 2013 at 10:07 AM  

Ya semua tergantung pasangan ...selamat berkarya sobat

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