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FMS as a Catalyst to a Great Management Career

>> Dec 16, 2013

Ranked one among the top institutes of India to offer post graduate course in management, Faculty of Management Studies is a college of University of Delhi. The college offers both part time as well as full time management programs. Also being one of the oldest colleges of India, FMS has gained its popularity in terms of its quality of studies, faculty and placement. Companies across the world consider alumni of FMS as highly capable and efficient individuals.  So it will be good to know what factors make it lead the list of management institutes in India.


With its main aim to provide degree certification, FMS is currently also offering training programmes, academic programmes, consultancy and research. The post graduate programs that this college offers include:
·         Full Time MBA
·         Executive MBA
·         Executive MBA Health Care Administration
·         Doctoral Programmes
·         Full Time Regular Course

MBA full time course is a two year course which will train you on fundamentals of management in the first year and then specialize in Financial Management, Human Resources, Marketing Management, Quantitative Methods, Computer Applications in Management, Organizational Effectiveness, etc. in the second year.

Once you are through with the first year, in the second year you will be required to undergo an internship in the relevant subject for which you will be submitting a report which is evaluated for your final marking at the end of the semester.

Executive Program

It is a two year program which focuses on imparting the same education on management but part time.  The college offers Health Care Administration MBA Executive program which is divided into four semesters open for students for 172 seats. In total, there are 40 courses offered and the electives which you can choose from are Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and HRD; and Entrepreneurship.

Doctoral Program
Doctoral Research enables you to work on different subjects of management to develop scholars who intend to pursue their career in research and teaching. Finance, Marketing, HR, are some of the most common aspects that is extensively covered to study the trend and growth patterns of the modern business and industry.

Faculty Visits of FMS Delhi
The college also has a reputed team in the management development program who are the visiting facilities in big companies to teach and impart training on certain subjects of management. The client list of F

Being a Student of FMS

If you have joined this prestigious college you are definitely among the cream batch of students having the management education of best quality. The best part is that other than the classroom, you get to involve in various other activities. There is a Management Science Association (MSA) where students get together to organize and co-ordinate various activities. These kinds of activities induce interaction, social awareness and functional responsibility towards the society. Other groups that are common in FMS students are Media Relations Cell, Alumni Relations Cell, Marketing Society (MarkSoc), Finance Society (FinSoc), Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), Sports Society, Team Fiesta and many more.

FMS is committed to provide world class management education with a strong understanding of business. It not only focuses on imparting theory based education but combines it with enriched and exclusive industry experience. It lets the students create and explore themselves as a management graduate by motivating them to think beyond the box. In a city like Delhi, FMA has been proven to be a leader in this segment and has been valued by industries and corporate worldwide. So if you aspire to join this reputed college, prepare yourself well to guarantee admission for a flourishing career.

Author Bio: Kunal Chhibber is a professional content writer with expert skills in digital marketing. He has been writing many informative write-ups doing exclusive research on education sector. The above article discusses the career opportunities that will open to you once you pursue MBA from FMS Delhi.

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