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Is Signing Up for a Boot Camp Right for You and Your Family?

>> Dec 6, 2013

Fitness boot camps provide women with an opportunity to lose weight and get in shape in the company of other women and they’ve proven to be an extremely popular variety of fitness camp the world over. These camps are held regularly and range in length from a morning or afternoon to a week and sometimes even longer, with many held in exotic locations like Portugal and Spain.

Whilst these camps are an excellent way for women to shed a few unwanted pounds in the company of other women – one of many reasons why they’ve proven so popular – there are considerations to take into account before signing up, most of which are health considerations. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that signing up for a camp is right for you and your family.

Health considerations – Make sure you’re capable before signing up
Whilst the reason for joining a camp is to improve your fitness and lose weight, it’s important to ensure you’re in the physical condition required of you to do so. The worst thing that you can do here is to partake in physical activities that you’re simply not ready for and injure yourself or exacerbate existing health conditions. Many women who simply weren’t prepared for intense physical exercise have experienced health problems due to unpreparedness and the consequences are often very serious.

Whilst you might be in serious need of physical exercise it’s always advisable to start off slowly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you and your family shouldn’t sign up for a camp, but rather that you might need to set yourself some exercise goals to achieve before the camp begins.

Prepare yourself
Too many women make the mistake of assuming that they’re going to be able to adapt to the exercises on a camp despite not having exercised in a long time. This could not only result in injuries and health complications, but it also often has the effect of discouraging them from trying again, which is often worse.

If it’s been years since you engaged in exercise and the camp you’re looking at joining concentrates on cardiovascular exercise, perhaps you should set yourself cardiovascular goals, for example, comfortably jogging two kilometres without a rest. If the camp you’re considering joining concentrates on core exercises to strengthen your core (midriff) and attack belly fat, then maybe you should set yourself some goals with exercises like planks or crunches.

Check with your doctor  
Due to the potential consequences of joining a camp when not adequately prepared for the workout that will follow, it’s recommended that those over the age of 40, those who are clinically overweight or obese and those with known heath conditions contact their doctor prior to signing up. The potential consequences are simply too great to risk and you could find yourself in serious trouble by overlooking your health.  

Your doctor will advise you whether or not you should join a camp and you must adhere to their judgement because your health, and in extreme cases your life, is at stake here and that’s not something that you can play with; you have to be sure that you’re ready for the fitness regime you’re signing yourself up for. 

Basically the point being made here is to prepare yourself for the camp, all it takes is some mild exercise in the weeks leading up to boot camp and to make sure the camp you and your family joins is suitable. Bear these considerations in mind and you’re sure to have the time of your life on a camp held locally or at an exotic location overseas.

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A company that has been in business since 2008, Prestige Boot Camp offers a number of boot camps for helping people meet their fitness and weight loss goals.

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