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A Cat Nap

>> Oct 19, 2013


 Cats sleep two-thirds of their life away. It's about sixteen hours or more every day -more than any other mammal, not including the opossum and some bats.

A cat nap captured -on the bench at the porch- of our regular visitor
Why do cats sleep so much? A number of matters are involved. In the simple words, the need for sleep increases in direct proportion to the amount of energy required. Being a predator, the cat has extraordinary energy needs for hunting, but usually uses huge bursts of energy to stalk, pounce, and wrestle that toy mouse into submission.

Since most cats active during daybreak and sundown, their sleeping time more generally consists of short and long naps throughout the day. Habits are different between cats but very old and very young kittens sleep more than healthy adults. Sleep time increases on cold, rainy or cloudy days. Here, cats seem like sleeping more on hot days as well.

data source : cats.about.com 

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