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Incredibly Creative Halloween Costumes

>> Oct 25, 2013

Being creative for Halloween requires you to be able to think differently and become something that most people don’t usually choose to be on Halloween. This 31st October, you need to keep your thinking hats on to really find a very creative costume that would help you stand out from the crowd. These creative Halloween costumes will let you impress everyone around.

1.Rock, Paper and Scissors: Yes, the old game is back. This time just find your three of friends who are willing to go a step further and dress up like this. People won’t be able to take their eyes off.

2.A Minion: We all saw Despicable Me 2 and loved every part of the “Bedo Bedo Bedo” so why don’t dress up like one for this Halloween. If you have kids in your house, they will love the idea. Someone needs to be Gru too so that you can some fun of your own. Everyone will next year what to be what you were if you choose to become a Minion.

Minion Costume

3.Harry Potter: All you need a wizards’ heart and some glasses to become Harry Potter for this Halloween. Again if you can get your girlfriend to dress like Hermione and a guy friend to become Ron, you will have an amazing time. These are some great Halloween costume ideas. If that wasn’t enough you could make everyone in your family a character of the series and have them trick or treating.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume

4.A Facebook Page: There are people who are obsessed with Facebook and they don’t mind creating an outfit that resembles your Facebook page. For your profile photo, you could have your head crop right through. These are great Halloween costume ideas for women.

5.Smurfs: It doesn’t take much to make a Smurfs costume. AL you need is white overalls and some blue paint and a cute cartoon like attitude to impress everyone around. Couples could dress up this way. It is a really neat costume. Don’t you think?
Smurf Halloween Costume

6.A washing machine: I know this sounds bizarre but if you want to be creative you need to think about going beyond your comfort zone. A washing machine can be a funny outfit for the day and will surely be a hit.

7.Slash: If there is any metal chick out there you loves Slash, well then here is your time to get a guitar, the signature Slash hair and gear and rock the streets.
Slash, Guns And Roses Costume

8.A beer bottle: If you love your drink, you could wear a beer bottle costume for this year. Get yourself a nice crown too.

9.Ellen DeGeneres: Well if Ellen can mimic Sofia then you can take her place too. Get yourself some short hair and a neat suit and dance around like nobody is watching. Be your funny self and you should be able to have everyone laughing.

These creative Halloween costume trends for 2013 are going to make you the talk of the town. Rest assured everyone will love the thought you put in to make your Halloween costume look special.

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