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How to Teach a Child to Brush His/Her Teeth Properly

>> Jan 23, 2014

In the process of growing up, all children have to learn way too many things, the importance of which they don't always seem to understand. Brushing their teeth is an essential thing which a child has to learn and develop as a habit. Often, kids find brushing their teeth annoying and they don't really want to do it. Therefore, a parent should do the best to teach their kids how to brush their teeth and also, how to do it with pleasure. There are ways to make your child like the morning and evening brushing of their teeth by turning it from a boring responsibility into a nice pleasant time. Here are our tips on how to effectively teach your child to brush his/her teeth.



If your children haven't really seen the proper way to brush their teeth, it's more than understandable that they don't know how to do it. In their early years, kids see their parents as absolute role models, often imitating their actions. Therefore demonstration is a very effective way to teach your children how to brush their teeth. Take your child to the bathroom and show him/her the right technique to brush teeth. Explain them patiently and carefully how to squeeze the toothpaste tube on their toothbrush and make sure that at the same moment you are doing exactly what you are telling. Then show them the back and forth motion and explain them that the toothpaste has to be spat out and not swallowed.


Give Them A Good Story

To understand the importance of certain things, kids sometimes need an interesting story to give them a good reason. Tell your children the story about the bad sugar bugs that make holes in the teeth and this is why they have to brush them every day. Then watch your kid passionately trying to learn how to do it as fast as he/she can.

Brush The Teeth Of His/Her Stuffed Animal

Another way to encourage your child to brush his/her teeth is to let them take their stuffed animal in the bathroom and brush its teeth as well. You can also make up a rescue-game scenario, where your child is a hero who has to save the teeth of the plush toy from the bad plaque monsters.

Choose Good Toothpaste

The taste of the toothpaste can make a significant change in the whole process of teaching your child how to brush his/her teeth. Choose an appropriate toothpaste for children which has a nice fruit or chewing-gum taste. A strong-flavoured mint paste can make your child dislike brushing his/her teeth.

Brushing Race

Turn the process of brushing into a fun game by challenging your child to brush his/her teeth for two minutes without a pause. Set a timer and count in an encouraging tone. Another way to make your kids brush their teeth for two minutes, as recommended, is to make them sing the alphabet song or give them a timer and let them be in charge of it.

Compliment Your Kids

As any other thing you want your children to learn, teaching them to brush their teeth has to be encouraged by compliments. Don't forget to praise your children's work while they're brushing their teeth, and especially when they are doing it in the right way as you have taught them.
About the Author: Jessica Conars provides deluxe tenancy cleaning services in London. She has three kids and knows best how important it is to teach them how  to take care for their health.

4 komentar:

Unknown January 23, 2014 at 5:56 PM  

Penting sekali untuk memberikan pemahaman yg baik kepada anak2, karena hal itu yang utama... Selamat petang mbak Lina :)

Wahyu Eka Prasetiyarini January 23, 2014 at 8:51 PM  

anak kecil memang susah ya mbak kalau disuruh gosok gigi. Udah getu sering nya makan cokelat dan es cream lagi, jadi giginya mudah sakit hmmm :)

tips ini bisa dicoba utuk memberikan pembelajaran pada anak agar mau sikat ggigi dengan teratur dan baik ya mbak :)

Anonymous January 24, 2014 at 2:33 PM  

Dari kecil saya memang dibiasakan dalam menyikat gigi nih, jadi sesuai sama aktivitas saya

Staff Administrator January 24, 2014 at 9:04 PM  

diperlukan triks dalam membiasakan dan mengajari anak untuk selalu hidup sehat ya mbak Lin..
terutama dalam menjaga giginya agar tetap sehat...

salah satunya bisa lewat tips yang udah mbak sampaikan di atas :)

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