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The Katulampa Weir

>> Jan 27, 2014

How’s your weekend? Mine was nice as we’re allowed to enjoy sunshine in the morning after wet and gray skies for weeks. In Saturday night, we had the family dinner at a SIL’s home to celebrate a nephew’s birthday. My SIL prepared various seafood dishes -so delicious. It’s a pity that I forgot to bring my camera –again- and the photos taken with my camera phone are all blurry.


Since I can’t share the photos from the family dinner, let me share ones that captured around the Katulampa Weir (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia) that we visited on Monday last week. This weir is very famous during rainy season. Its main purpose is to monitor the water levels of the Ciliwung River that comes from upstream areas. 

Bendung Ciliwung Katulampa - the Ciliwung Katulampa Weir

The Katulampa is not a dam, it’s a weir that only serves to regulate the flow of water or in other words; it can’t accommodate the overflow of water (source:berita2bahasa.com). That day, the water level in the Katulampa Weir reached green sign; it means the fourth-level warning. This water debit condition may cause flood disaster for Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia) and other low areas if it continues to rise. 

Blue sign means the third-level of warning.  Sorry, I forgot to note the measurement numbers between those colorful signs.

The water level reaches the emergency level when the river surface reaches the red sign (2 m) –it means high alert or first-level warning! I saw in the news that on last Tuesday (Jan 21) the water level showed high alert in the morning and it turned out that flood came to Jakarta in the afternoon.  


I saw many blue touches around the Katulampa Weir –nice entry for Blue Monday.

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