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Teachergive Sale 2023

What You Can Learn from Men about Cleaning

>> Jan 8, 2014

I always tough that one day, the gender stereotypes that we've all come to know and love, would simply die-out and disappear without a trace. I am glad to see that my premonition is coming into fruition, and that we live in an age, where women are no longer considered “exclusive masters of the household chores”. As a man, I am proud to share any experience I have with the people who would benefit from it the most. I cannot say that we men are that proficient in cleaning, but at least we can bring in another perspective into the whole gender monopoly game.

Men Clean Fast

The last thing any man wants is to waste time. When it comes to making all the right moves, we always seem inpatient and in a hurry. But that can be a good thing, especially when it comes to cleaning. The faster we are done with it, the better. Unless the man is very lazy, you can bet that he would be finished before you know it. This is just how we are.

Men Clean Right

It is not just a matter of getting the job done fast. We can also clean very good in terms of quality. Just like when fixing our cars, everything must fall into its right place. We make a detailed plan before we start – just so we don;t have to worry about anything else while we are cleaning. But because we are not as stubborn as women (he he), we might omit something from the equation – that is why we make sure to double-check everything before declaring “success”.

Men Don’t Get Distracted

One thing I am personally proud of, is that I always get the job done, no matter how difficult a situation is. And don't think that I don't have things to do, on the contrary! But when I am busy with something, I will pour all my heart and soul into completing the project, no complains, no delays. But that is only for men who know what they are doing. Sadly, most men would quit very fast if they get stuck with something outside their expertise, or would they?

Men Know how to Improvise

Improvisation is one of our strong-suits. We can make everything out of anything; depending on how handy the person is of course. But generally speaking, it is not too difficult to handle a situation, as long as we understand the basic concept. If there isn't any soap left/handy, then we are just going to use white vinegar or baking soda – everything to get the job done.

Men will take it as a challenge

Most women clean as if by habit. We men on the other hand like to take everything, like it is a direct challenge against our manhood (an emotion left from our caveman days I suppose). Either way, it works just the way it worked 10 000 years ago – we see a problem that needs solving, we get excited, and until that problem is finished we cannot rest or even ask for help. It is a matter of pride after all.

Men know when they are beat

Not a lot cleaning situation have a happy ending. And even though men don't like to quit, we will if we see that the situation warrens it.

Author Bio: As an owner of http://www.topdomesticcleaners.co.uk/domestic-cleaner-london/highgate-N6, Jessica Conars has a lot of knowledge and experience which she is willing to share with the readers.

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