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Bonding with Unborn Baby

>> Aug 15, 2014

There is no reason for a wannabe mom not to start a relationship with the baby in her womb from now. A lot of research suggests, the close relationship of mother and baby will greatly affect the emotional and physical survival of infants, prevent disease, increase endurance, and minimize the potential for anti-social behavior. Mother-infant relationships ensure infant survival in terms of protection, nutrition and affection.

Bonding between baby and mother actually can be done since before the baby is born. The study, published in the journal Child Development, 2009, revealed that the fetus has a long-term memory. 30 weeks fetal age can remember the sound of 10 minutes, the fetal age of 34 weeks can remember the sound of up to four weeks.

Other studies show that music can cause an emotional response in the fetus. When pregnant women listened to Mozart, ultrasound showed the fetus in a relaxed position. But when she heard the sound of a siren, the fetus fisted. That is, the fetus reacts differently to stimuli outside the womb, and they develop emotional intelligence since before birth.

As the fetus has the emotional intelligence, the mother can establish a relationship with the baby since in the womb. Efforts to build bonding since before the baby is born, it also helps mothers feel greater closeness to their babies. Thus, mother will eat healthier, take prenatal vitamins, and avoid danger for the health and safety of the fetus.
-Seeing the ultrasound photos of the fetus. In one study, 70% of pregnant women who framed the 3D ultrasound photo felt that they instantly recognized when their babies were born, compared to 56% of mothers who chose regular 2D photo.
-Playing music will be responded positively by the fetus, as long as the music also makes you relaxed.
-Avoid noisy environment. Loud noise can raise the level of cortisol hormone stress in the fetus as the sound is transmitted into the uterus. Over time, cortisol can weaken the fetus immune system, and lowered the stress tolerance limit in the future.
-Having a chat with the fetus, because she/he could hear and be familiar with your voice. This makes the transition to the outside world becomes easier. Your voice makes the unborn baby more comfortable and close.

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