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The Right Diet for Your Feline

>> Aug 5, 2014

For many people, pets are like family; their birthdays are celebrated, they are taken care of, given gifts and loved. Given the number of pets in Australian homes, it is nothing but a surprise that the pet products and services industry is booming. It is estimated that the industry accounts for $5.39 billion in business every year. 

A survey conducted in 2010 revealed that Australians spent a whopping $1.8 billion on pet food, including cat food and dog food. In the pet food industry, the options are vast: you can simply step into a supermarket and shop for tinned food, biscuits and fresh meat especially meant for pets. In short, your canines and felines are spoilt for choices!

When it comes to the felines, choosing the best cat food brand can be tough — especially because the choices are too many. There is an array of products that say they are the best fit for your pet, right from the kittens and pups to the older ones.

Popular pet food
In the beginning of 2014, an animal nutritionist from Sydney — in collaboration with a student of his — carried out a survey in which they asked pet owners about what did they feed their pets and what was the reason behind the food that they fed them.

Of the 280 persons involved in the survey, it was found that only 9% pet owners preferred to buy commercial pet food. Besides, 7% made the pet food themselves, while most of the others— a whopping 67% to be precise — gave their pets dry food.

Asked about how did they go about choosing the cat food brand, the responders in the survey said vitamins and minerals were important, but they also took into account the cost and the brand before finalising what they fed their cats.

In a recent survey by an Australian news website, 110 people replied to a question on what did they like to feed their cats and dogs. However, this time the replies were different/ Of the 110 people who replied to the question, most people said that they preferred commercial cat food, while the others said they used a mixture of prepared and fresh meat. Some of the responders also said that they their own food for the pets.

A scientific officer and veterinarian at RSPCA-Australia said there was a detailed guideline issued by the government for feeding cats and dogs. She said it was vital that the message be kept simple: that only a high-quality commercial diet that suits the health and age of the pet, and is in compliance with the standards set by the government, is used for feeding pets.

When it comes to cat food and cat food brand, it is perhaps also necessary that you first consult a veterinary about what you can feed your feline.

David Neck, a veterinarian and member of Australian Veterinarians Association, echoed this sentiment, saying that a pet clinic was the ideal place to start when it comes to talking advice on feeding your feline. He said that all pets have separate needs when it comes to nutrition, and that a cat or dog owner should always have a relationship with the vet; a relationship that also involves taking advice on a pet’s nutrition.

Are you still in doubt about what cat food brand to choose? Don’t worry! There are other places where you can look to. When it comes to cat food, RSPCA and AVA, both, have a set of guidelines on feeding pets, which you can follow and ensure that you pet gets the right nutrition.

Experts also are of the view cat owners should choose a cat food brand which has been shown as ‘complete and balanced’ by the company; this, at least, implies that the cat food-maker has come up with a food that complies with the minimum standards when it comes to government guidelines.

Author’s bio:
The article talks about habits of owners when it comes to feeding their cats and dogs; it also delves on how owners should go about in choosing the right pet food. For more Information please visit here: http://gourmetdelight.com.au

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