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Parenting Your Child to Face the First School Days

>> Jun 30, 2009

This comic strip of Patterson Family by Lynn Johnson (I’m a big fan of her comic) describes the trouble that may occur in your family life every time your children have to face their first day in school. The fear of facing change and all new things, the lack of self confidence may cause this trouble.

Michael (boy) : I hate that dumb kindergarten,an' I'm never going back EVER !
Elly (mom) : You don't have to go back, Michael. It's over for the summer and in September you start Grade 1!
Elly (mom) : You'll never go back to kindergarten again
Michael (boy) : WAAAAH

Here are simple steps for you to prepare your child facing his/her big day:

Step 1
Make her or him enjoy to study and to learn something new first. This is your important job as parents to build your child’s fondness for study. Your child should have a strong foundation of study fondness. An expert said that you can start teaching your child since she or he is still in mom’s uterus.

You should know what learning style is of your child. Is he or she an auditory learner, a visual learner or a kinesthetic learner? Give a playfull and pleasure atmosphere every time you teach something to them. Use attractive tools that suit with your child’s learning style in describing things, have a walk together around the neighborhood while introducing things that you’ve seen during the walk, or have a fun learning in internet by using specific browser for kids.
Step 2Prepare your child as soon as possible (at least a month) before the big day; especially if it is his or her first time to go to school or a new school. Start to wake up your child a little earlier each morning and move bedtime upward to make a new sleeping habit.

Step 3Plan a "ready-to-school" shopping day with your child and make it a special event. No need to buy all things. You can reuse things that it’s still in good condition, but buy something special to your child (example: a hot cartoon pencil case, drinking bottle, etc).

Step 4For a new year in a new school, introduce the school environment to your child before so that she or he doesn’t feel entering a strange place. Make an earlier visit to the school a week or at least one day before the first day. Ask your child together to walk around the school and make your child known the location of his or her classrooms, bathrooms and lunchroom.

Step 5
Telling your child how to go to school everyday. Introduce the route to school. If your child will take the school bus, find out the route and try it first together a few times there and back until your child understands it.

Step 6
Celebrate the big day
. There are some options: ask your child out to his or her favorite eating place, have a special meal at home in the night before, or give a small gift.

rewrite source : www.ehow.com

Do you have another tips that you applied in your own family? Please share your ideas and don’t hesitant to add it on the comment section.

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