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Teachergive Sale 2023

CC: Why/How do I Love Thee?

>> Feb 4, 2010

I remembered that my hubby has ever asked me,” Why do you love me?” Well, this CC will ask his questions more completely.

I love him because he can accept my bad habits and personalities.

I love him because he wants to help me finishing household works (except ironing) if I ask him to.

I love him because he likes to shop in a flea market and allow me to wait in the car if the flea market is too muddy.

I love the way he takes care of me when I’m sick.

I love
him because he always brings me a glass of warm water to our bedroom at night.

I love it when he makes me a cup of green tea without being asked to.

I love him because I always miss him everytime he leaves home more than one day. I don’t meet him everyday; he goes home every three days. He left home yesterday, so, I miss him now, especially because I’m not feeling well today…

I love him because he never treats me badly and never talks to me in bad and harsh words. I think the worst nightmare of
wives is being abused by their own husbands. I feel so grateful to have a kind husband like him.

I love him because he always try to make me laugh (at least smile) every time he knows that I’m in my bad mood.

I love it when he cooks a special food to me.

I love it when he acts like a spoiled little child and I should act like his mom.

I love him because I can feel his great love to me. I know he loves me very much so that I can feel it strongly.

I love his way to
express affection to me every day, in both words and behaviors.

Those are some reasons why I’m in love with my husband. Do you want to know other’s lists? Click the badge above! If you want to share your story, join us at Couple’s Corner…

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