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To be a Good Husband Guidance (2)

>> Feb 21, 2010

Hi, nice to see you again. This Sunday I’ll share the continuing of how to be a good husband tips. Check it out…

4. Don’t bring your own issues into the marriage
All of us have emotional baggage. When you marry, you bring that emotional baggage into the marriage. When your wife comes to you for support, that isn’t the time to open up that emotional baggage. There are times when you can unload this stuff on your wife, but not when she needs your support.

It’s common for a man to internalize all her problems and make them our own. But if you do this, you are losing sight of why she confided in you in the first place. Don’t be selfish when you are supposed to be supportive.

5. Know when to make it about you
Of course, it can’t always be about her or the marriage. There are times when your needs should be met. That’s the definition of a give-and-take partnership, which is what a marriage should be about.

Tell her how you feel, but don’t put her in a defensive position.
This means you describe to her how something she does affects you without making your feelings accusatory. When you talk about issues in your marriage, tell her about how it affects you instead of what it is about her that bothers you. Good communication is one of the keys of a healthy marriage; good communication requires you to tell her how you are affected.

If your wife does something that hurts you, tell her exactly that you are hurt. Don’t focus on her actions, but on the consequences of those actions. If you simply accuse her of undermining you or being insensitive, it automatically puts her on the defensive. When she’s defensive about her actions, good communication becomes all but impossible.

6. Be affectionateWomen need affection sometimes.
If you show your wife spontaneous affection occasionally, it reassures her of the love bond.

7. Be willing to get outside help
There’s the common joke about men refusing to ask for directions. Men throughout history have needed to be self-sufficient. That’s one of the characteristics which make men successful. When we were out in the wilderness hunting for food, we couldn’t stop at the convenience store to ask where the herd was.

A smart man has to realize when he can’t do it all himself. One of those cases is the man whose marriage is in trouble. It’s very standard for a man to refuse to go to a marriage counselor.

A man would prefer to buy a map than ask for directions. In the same way, he would rather read how-to guides on how to save his marriage than ask for professional help. In a lot of cases, getting good advice is enough. Modifying our attitudes and the subsequent behaviors those attitudes cause can have profound effects on a failing marriage. But sometimes the problems run deeper. That’s when a man has to give into his wife’s request that they speak to a counselor.

Professional marriage counselors can be a great help. They are instructors in how to listen, how to show respect, how to avoid judgment, how to be a part of the team, how to express your feelings and how to be more affectionate. In short, when a man finds that his best efforts to improve his marriage skills fail, he needs a trained instructor to work on those skills.

Again, this guidance mentions ideal things. But anyway, husbands (and wives) can learn from this. It needs effort from both sides to maintain a marriage…

Source :howtoguides365.com
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