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CC: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

>> Feb 18, 2010

This question seems like a silly question, but I think, most wives have ever asked the same question to their husbands. Why? Most women need to feel secure and need to be assured that their husbands won’t leave them and will always love them forever.

I myself have ever asked this question to my hubby, in the first year of our
marriage. He can answer my question perfectly. He said that he loves my heart and personalities, he can accept me completely; and it won’t change until death do us part. I feel safe and secure emotionally, and I think, we, wives need this secure feeling. Until now, I’ve never asked my hubby this question anymore.

As a wife, it isn’t wise to ask this question too often to your husband. It expresses your distrust and your lack of self esteem. Moreover, he will feel annoyed with your questions! I guess he will say something like this: Why you don’t trust my love to you? or Why you always ask me the same question? or What I have to do to make you believe in me? or I’m bored to answer your question…

If you have get your answer or you can see the answer in how he treats you, don’t questioning your husband’s love again. It’s better to convey and maintain your
love every day than always questioning it.

Well, it’s my story and a brief of my opinion. You can join us in CC or read other’s story by clicking the badge above. Enjoy your marriage life, every one…

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