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How to Say ‘No’ to Your Child

>> Feb 2, 2010

There are many parents who can’t refuse children’s requests. Every time their children want something, these parents always try to fulfill it. An expert said that abundant affection is the cause of these parents’ behavior. It’s actually a normal thing, but you shouldn’t always follow their desires.

The research result of Centre for a New American Dream showed the confession of more than 50% children: owning certain goods make they are accepted in association. This assumption not only happens at rich
family, but also at indigent family.

If you, as parents, always accomplish your child’s wants, it will affect negatively for her/his
character. Your child will grow to be a spoiled, disappointed easily, dependent and not-ready-to-accept-reality child. That’s why you should learn to say ‘No’ to your child in a wise and proper way. Don’t say ‘No’ with forcing or yelling; it will make your child more upset or even causing trauma to your child.

Here are tips for you:

  • State your refusal with clear and honest argument. Express it in simple language, so that your child will understand it well. Be honest is important! Children can’t be lied. Be careful in saying words, if you lie often to your children; you can loose their trust.

  • The ‘No’ words should be enjoyable for both parents and child. The child doesn’t feel to be forced and the parents don’t feel to do mistake.

  • You should make your child used to accept arguments since young age. It can push your child’s thinking ability. Your child will be encouraged to think critically, be more creative and recognize the causal rules earlier.

  • Ask your child to see the fact that goods which he/she wants can’t be fulfilled at the time.

  • If refusing the request, you should give other solution.

  • Bring your child together to look for wanted goods. Indirectly, you encourage your child to be able to accept the fact which is possible disappointing.
Rewrite source: tempo and google
Picture source : scottcounseling.com

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