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Couple’s Corner: When We Want Something

>> Aug 19, 2010

Married couples should apply open communication. I guess it’s a must have if you want to maintain a warm and close relationship with your spouse. There’s no need to do something behind your spouse’s back. It’s just leading you both to a disagreement.

I always know when my hubby would like to say that he wants something. He always calls my name first in very soft tone and voice. He does it not only if he wants to buy something that he likes, but also if he wants me to do something for him.

How about me? Sometimes I massage his shoulder while I’m saying what I want, hehehe. I usually do it if I need his help to carry or lift up heavy things or fix broken stuffs at home. But sometimes I just state it clearly. I’m not a shopaholic type. So, when I said that I want something material, he knows that it’s because I need it.

Of course, he doesn’t always get everything that he wants, neither do I. The point is: we shouldn’t force our wants. Understanding and comprehension one another are the main key.

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