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Couple’s Corner: Likes and Dislikes

>> Aug 12, 2010

Last week, we talked about our opposites that surely have no affect with our love. This week, we will talk about our Likes and Dislikes. For me, it needs time to know likes and dislikes of my husband. Knowing your spouse well, such as each other’s likes and dislikes, is important enough as it can strengthen your relationship!

Just share a little bit of our likes and dislikes here. What you can learn is, a husband and a wife can have their different likes and dislikes, and you can use these facts to care your spouse more.

He likes to start the day with a glass of water and a cup of sweet black coffee. Since he plans to reduce sugar intake, I make his coffee less sweet than the usual. During fasting month, he always ends sahur meal with one big glass of water and a cup of coffee. If he doesn’t drink coffee in the morning, he can get headache all day. I prefer green tea to coffee now.

‘Sambal’ is a must for him. Sambal is like a hot sauce that made from lots of chili. If ‘sambal’ isn’t yet available on the table, he prefer to postpone eating time and wait for me making it first. With or without sambal, I can eat my meal.

Every times he leaves home, he wants me to accompany and ‘release’ him until the fence door. I always kiss his hand and he kisses my forehead.

We like to help other people, as long as we are still capable doing it.
We like to watch TV news and hanging out together in week end afternoon.
We like sitting at the porch and having a chat about everything.

I like to tickle his waist and he hates it, hehehe.
He doesn’t like if I don’t stare at him when he’s talking.
He doesn’t like if I’m going out alone and forget to ask his permission first.
He doesn’t like eating alone at home. If I’ve already eaten before, I still should accompany him.

He can be so spoiled. He likes to get a soft massage and I like it, too.
He doesn’t like if I’m too busy with my own hobbies. He’s a kind of a person that needs more attention. He doesn’t like being alone. Not like me, I can enjoy being alone!

It’s just a little bit of our story. You can join Couple’s Corner to share yours.

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