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Couples’ Corner : Our Total Opposite

>> Aug 5, 2010

Oops, I’m late again to write Couple’s Corner post. This week’s topic is about Total Opposite. Is there a wife that 100% well-matched with her husband? Well, there’s still a possibility; but I guess it would be only a few.

A married couple can have a wonderful and strong bond; but it doesn’t mean that they are just having a little opposite. For example, besides our compatibilities, I and my hubby have many opposites; but we still can live happily – I hope for ever after- hehehe.

Actually, I don’t see our opposites as a big problem. As long as we aren’t selfish; we always find a solution or make a compromise.

The opposites of a married couple can happen in many ways. Just mention a little bit here.

He likes sweet food; I hate it.
He loves hot and spicy food; my stomach can accept it.
He hates reading. I have to read newspapers for him.
He loves bargaining; I don’t.
He loves wandering in a flea market; I don’t.
I love window shopping at the mall; he doesn’t. He said that just watching and buying nothing is embarrassing.
I’m a quiet person; he’s very talkative.
He’s a spontaneous person; I prefer to make plans first. His spontaneous act often ruins my plans!
I’m frugal; he loves shopping. Sometimes I must put things from our shopping cart back to the store shelf.

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