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Teachergive Sale 2023

Goat Milk Producer

>> Aug 8, 2010

It’s my late entry for Camera Critters. When we visited Agri Park (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia), we also found these goats.

Jamnapari is a breed of goat originating from India and Bangladesh. The name is derived from the river Jamna Par in Uttar Pradesh, India. Since 1953 they have been imported to Indonesia. In Indonesia, they are popular as Ettawa goat. It is bred for both milk and meat; but they are more common here as goat milk producer. Have you tried goat milk? I prefer goat milk to cow milk!

1. Big and high postur body, adult male high can reach more than 100 cm, weighing can reach 90 Kgs. Adult female high can reach more than 80 Cm.
2. Female and masculine own the horn.
3. Long ear, fold and dropped.
4. Conex face form
5. Female own the milk udder expanding long and good nipple
6. Billygoat own the dewlap
7. Body colour is combination from turning white, nutbrown and black

Source : wikipedia

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