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CC: When He Told Me He Loves Me

>> Feb 10, 2011

Actually, while we’re still BF and GF, the love word is never conveyed. He expressed his feeling with another words, such as, “I want to know you more”, “I want to have a serious relationship with you”, “I want to have my future with you”, “I really care about you”, “You’re so special for me”….

I remember the time he said such those words to me. It was his birthday, July 2th, 2001. We celebrated his birthday at a restaurant that time. Later, he said that he felt sympathy to me and asked me to make the relationship to be more serious ahead. I accepted his offer. Our love story didn’t go well at first; since it’s hard to get my father’s blessing. On January 2002, we started to prepare our wedding!

Though he never said the love word, I knew that he really loved me, I can feel it. But after we become husband and wife, my hubby mentions the love words very often, he says “I love you” to me several times every day, hehehe…. It surprises me in the beginning, but now it has been become one of our sweet habits.

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