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Teachergive Sale 2023

Couple’s Corner: Our First Sweet Moments

>> Feb 3, 2011

I can’t remember our first moments. It was him who attracted to me first. At that time, he and several friends had a company on agribusiness field. After my Mom died and I resigned from my last job, I wanted to be a small investor in one Agribusiness Company. I knew the company from the ad in the newspaper.

I came to his office with my father and it’s the first time we met. So, I was his client. Later, he said that he was amazed with my beauty from the first time he saw me (he,he,he).

Well, I’m a kind of a woman who is hard to fall in love. The man who can melt my heart is the man with big persistence and patience. He came to my house every night, after work hours. As the client, he also invited me to see my plants in the field regularly.

Little by little, I realize that he is a kind, caring, and patient person. I felt comfortable every time we were together. We can talk for hours about everything. This ‘process’ happened for about six months. When he started to talk about our future marriage, I still didn’t accept it with excitement.

But then, there’s a turning point. That night, he told me that he met my Mom in his dream. He can describe what she looked like and what kind of dress she wore. In his dream, my Mom introduced herself and gave her blessing. He never saw my Mom, but he’s able to explain perfectly my Mom’s favorite sleeping dress (the color and pattern) and hair style. After knowing his amazing dream, I had no doubt again. He’s the right man for my future life. But I still don’t remember my first exciting moments, hehehe.

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