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Disappointing Weekend Getaway and the Fishing Competition

>> Feb 21, 2011

Last Sunday, my father asked me to go fishing again. To give him another choice, we took my father to a different fishing place that I found while browsing internet. It’s a pity that it turned out to be a disappointing one.

The fishing place is too hot for us; we didn’t feel comfortable at all. This place is very huge and crowded. The food price at the restaurant is also too expensive (for us). I think we prefer a modest, familiar and smaller place.

My father and husband bought fishing tools there. After fishing for a while, my father wasn’t on the mood to continue it. He put his fishing rod outside. Later, we noticed that someone (didn’t know who) has changed it with a broken one. There’s no good reason for us to stay there longer. It’s better to leave the place soon.

I took some pictures there, but I can’t share here. I forgot to leave my camera bag (and the camera cable) in the car; and my husband has left home very early this morning. Here I share the fishing competition moment that I saw last month at a different fishing place. All these men looked so good at fishing. I like seeing how they swang the fishing rod. It’s not safe to stand right behind them! I watched their actions from a safe distance. For my father, it’s the first time to see lots of fishing men after very long time. After this ‘moment’, we already have had three fishing weekend getaways in a row!

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