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Teachergive Sale 2023

They Got Fish This Time!

>> Feb 14, 2011

As I said last week, we went fishing again yesterday. I guess zero fish on the last fishing makes my hubby and father curious. Reached the place at 1 pm, I ordered our lunch soon and my hubby rented two fishing tools.

The first two hours, still no result. I saw a boy there that can get fish several times in a row. Wow! Is fishing only related to luck? I don’t think so, besides luck, I think fishing also needs skill, related knowledge, good fishing tools and proper fish bait, right?

Later, while I was taking pictures a pigeon, I heard my hubby’s scream (we sat at different spots that time). Waaa…he got his first fish! He looked so happy, hehehe. A few minutes after this first moment, it came my father’s turn. Before we left the fishing place at 5 pm, my hubby caught another two fish. Not bad for a beginner. I was glad they offer fish cleaning service, as I don’t like doing it. So, today’s menu is all fish!

I also link this post to Blue Monday, it’s my first time joining this photo meme.

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