Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Build a Great Teenagers Retreat

>> Sep 23, 2011

If your teenager wants some more space of their own or, if it's you that wants them out of your hair, why not build them a retreat out in your back garden? You will need to get council approval to build another residence on your property, but once this is given you can start looking at appropriate styles of small retreats to build for your teenager. Kit homes make perfect teenagers retreats because there are small designs available to fit in your back garden and can consist of a bedroom, small living and kitchen area and bathroom. You can also have a veranda and patio area out the front for your teenager to spend time with their friends.

Climate Control
As a smaller building it is likely the retreat will heat up quickly in summer and be like a little ice box in winter if you don't have adequate heating and cooling. The beauty of using a kit home for your teenagers retreat is that you can build it yourself if you choose, as all the materials to build the home are delivered along with comprehensive instructions as to how to build it. Ensure that the home is properly insulated as this will make a huge difference to the temperature inside the home. You might want to install a split system air conditioner. If you prefer you can heat the retreat by using a small wood heater and as these produce a lot of heat you should not need any other type of heating. Otherwise you could just buy a simple oil or fan heater.

It is likely that your teenager will wander over to the main house when they get hungry, or you may not choose to have a kitchen in their retreat so that you can encourage them to spend some time with the rest of the family, but you might want to include a kitchen in their home so it will teach them to be self sufficient before they actually leave the nest. Set up a good functional kitchen when you build them home because you never know, once your teenager has moved out you could end up using it as a granny flat or even having students boarding in there.

You probably won't get a look in when it comes to decorating your teenagers retreat but maybe you can encourage them to do it together, considering you most likely will be paying. A microwave will be a necessity for the kitchen and furnish the rest of the kitchen with enough utensils so they can have a few friends over. Having their own little place will give you plenty of present options for the next few birthdays, such as giving them things for their kitchen like a popcorn machine or ice cream maker. Make sure they have enough towels and all those other things that a teenager is likely to overlook, like tea towels, sponges, cleaning products, soap and a broom. Encourage them to take pride in their little home and keep it clean.

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