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3 Safety Risks to Avoid in the Backyard

>> Sep 21, 2011

Outdoor play and family time is a staple of the Australian way of life. It is time to enjoy the unique Australian summer, bask in the warmth, love the water and create great family memories. While cities grow larger, backyards are often getting smaller, but many of us still seek out some space for backyard adventure when we purchase our homes.

When you have settled in your home, or your children start to get old enough to waddle around and get into everything that opens and closes, you have a lot of things to think about to make sure you are prepared to create a safe environment for all of them. This is no more true than in the backyard. While it is a place of fun and adventure, it can also be one of the biggest safety risks in your home environment. So what backyard areas do you particularly need to prepare in order to avoid risk?

1. The home playground.
Every year, thousands of kids end up at the doctor’s surgery or in emergency wards as a result of accidents in home playgrounds. But what can you do beyond supervise – should you just remove the playground altogether?

Of course not! Like any child, your kids need the opportunity to play, grow, increase their coordination and have a few adventures. If you prepare the area carefully, in conjunction with supervising, your backyard play area will be a place of fun, not disaster! Start by covering the ground underneath the play equipment with a shock-absorbing material so kids don’t get hurt if they fall. Try sand, rubber, or mulch – these should be deep enough to really take on the bulk of any impact, and not too tightly compacted.

In addition, be careful of the equipment you purchase . Make sure swings are rubber, ladders have steps, equipment is structurally sound and anything sticking out – handles or sharp parts are covered for safety. Check your manufacturer is reputable and this equipment has cause d a great deal of injury in the past. Also look at aspects like the height of the equipment – will a fall severely hurt the child? And finally ensure everything has hand holds, handles, and steps for safety.

2. The pool
If you are lucky enough to have a pool, you will have hours of adventure, and likely kids who are complete water babies! While the pool is fun, it is important to ensure safety! Always make sure kids are supervised and that they understand the pool roles.

Fences are a must – especially in terms of the law – and are your biggest source of safety for exploring children. Drain covers should be fixed well so kids don’t get trapped underwater. Also talk to your pool supplies store about a cover, that will help prevent children falling in.

In addition, if you have a pool, it is definitely worth undertaking a first aid certificate and keeping safety equipment in the pool area.

3. Other safety issues
In addition to the pool and the playground – the biggest safety risks – also consider the following:
· Keep your yard tody so there is nothing your family can trip and fall on, injuring themselves.
· Select your pets carefully, keep in mind kids will antagonise animals, so you need something placid.
· Look for disease breeding areas, such as ponds that enable mosquito breeding.
· If you have decking or timber fences, keep them well treated and sealed so your family don’t get splinters. A
fencing contractor will be able to provide advice and help with treatments.

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