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Teachergive Sale 2023

Top Christening Gifts

>> Sep 20, 2011

Christenings are special occasions of social and religious importance. Bringing a baby in the world of God is a moment to remember and many people like to highlight the ceremony with a gift. But what kinds of things are proper for a christening gift? Here’s a list to help you out.

A bible

If the parents are christening the baby for true spiritual reasons (and not because everyone else does it), then offering a Bible is always proper. There are illustrated, simplified bibles for children that will give them the sacred story in a way they can understand. Offering a full Bible is also a great gift, as the child will grow up curious to read it on his or her own.

A cross or a rosary

Crosses and rosaries are traditional christening gifts that the child will wear for years to come. Choose a high quality silver or gold cross that can be switched on a longer chain as the child grows up. Some people wear their christening cross for their entire lives and give it away as heirloom to their own children.

Baptism blanket

Handmade, knitted blankets for the christening day are a special gift that all parents (and babies) will appreciate. It will keep the baby warm in draughty churches and feel safe swaddled in their parents’ arms. Choose a soft, non-scratchy white yarn of cotton or cashmere wool.

Professional pictures

Offer a gift certificate for a professional child photographer. Parents and families love to take pictures of children growing up, but the photos that remain up are usually those taken by a professional photographer. It’s a thoughtful, neutral gift for someone not so religiously-inclined.


What happened the day the baby was born? What happened on his or her christening day? One day the child may ask these questions, and keeping newspapers from these special dates will give you an occasion to discuss your child’s history with him or her. It gives a link to the past and brings up interest in personal and social history.

Charity donations

You can also give money to a charity of your choice in the child’s name. Adopting a wild animal, contributing to a poverty campaign or even have a tree planted are all great ways to honor the child while helping someone or something in the world. Offer a picture or a keepsake of the donation for remembrance.


For low budgets, printing a personalized calendar is a great idea. Use family pictures and put everything that a parent might need: measurements, important dates and other events that need to be remembered. It’ll be a cherished helper for months to come!
Baby gifts come in all shapes and forms and you shouldn’t feel constrained by tradition if you want to be more creative. No matter if you’re religious or not, a christening present needs to be special, personalized and help remind parents and children of this special day. All they need now is your presence!

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