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Do It Yourself: Art for Your Walls

>> Sep 11, 2013

The walls are an important part of the decor of your home, and are one of the places where you can reflect your personality. Not only you can use pictures with art and photos, but also other creative pieces, made ​​with materials, from paper to fabric. If you want to decorate with a modern and eclectic style, you cannot miss the ideas mentioned in this article.

The professional wall art may cost you much, but do not let this put you off. There are numerous creative ideas, which are not only easy to implement but are also cost-effective and fast. This list includes some of the popular projects, try any (or all!) and see what difference you can make in your home!

Painted wooden pieces
This piece of art can certainly catch anyone’s attention the first time he/she sees it, because with all its colors such pieces become the focal point of the entire room. A piece of painted wooden piece can be worth big amounts, but if you already have unused pieces of wood in your home, making this piece will cost you considerably less.

To complete this project, the first thing you do is cut long pieces of wood. Do not worry about the size, because afterwards, you can set them up like a Jigsaw puzzle. The part that takes time is painting each piece. Choose contrasting colors, and do not be afraid to use primary colors. Once all parts are dry, arm them any way you like and paste them with wood glue. Now you just have to choose in which part of your home you want to hang them.

Toilet Paper Art
If you thought that this project is for children, then you are wrong. The result of this craft is romantic, modern and above all, no one would guess you did with rolls of toilet paper! This piece of art is one of the most inexpensive you can ever come across, and all you need is a blank canvas, paper rolls, a little spray paint and glue.

Create flowers for your piece of art by crushing rolls of paper and then cutting them into strips three inches. Weapon the flowers collecting four strips around the edges and uniting them with silicone glue. The design on the canvas can be anything you want, adding the amount of flowers you need. Once they are in place, paste them and paint all the flowers with spray paint. You can choose a color to match the surrounding, like pink for adding a soft touch or white paint to introduce neutral tones.

Filter Coffee Flowers
This is another striking project that is easy and fast! As you may have noticed, the flowers are in vogue, and which give a refreshing look to any room. Nevertheless, this piece of modern art is not as feminine as other floral decorations and even the flowers themselves may be confused with another representation, which is important if you want your home look too feminine naturally.

For these flowers, you can use coffee filters, paper doilies or cupcakes liners. You can paste that to the wall so that they are better enforced, but if you prefer to keep them free of glue, you can only use thumbtacks. Choose bright colors for the pins, and if you want, mix different shades, especially if the material you are using for flowers is white. To add more color, you can paint the flowers with the colors of your choice. Be creative and make your own mural with these simple paper flowers!

Author Bio:  A content writer by profession, Rashmi Karan is an ardent follower of the latest home décor trends and shares her views on the varied range of topics on home décor, particularly for the house on rent in Jaipur.

2 komentar:

Professional introduction agency London September 11, 2013 at 1:09 PM  

Your wall art ideas are great. I love the toilet paper art. It is really creative.

Mike Carlson September 14, 2013 at 7:40 PM  

These are all very interesting wall arts. I've always wanted to personally decorate my wall but I guess I am not really that creative.

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