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Importance of Communicating Skill for Hotel Managers

>> Sep 11, 2013

Importance of Communicating Skill for Hotel Managers -‘With great power comes great responsibilities’; this is a famous dialogue of a Hollywood movie and it is applicable for all those individuals who hold important position in every sphere of life. Hotel manager is one such person whose day starts and ends with loads of responsibilities. A manager should have many qualities and the most important is the ability to communicate effectively. The whole staff required to follow orders and if they fail to understand the manager, the hotel will be running in a complete mess. Therefore, skillful communication is an art; some have it in-born and some have to be trained. But to be a successful manager, improving interpersonal skill is mandatory.

With staff
Even before the managers interact with the customers and the clients, they need to work with the staff on a regular basis. They need to coordinate with the superiors, peers, and subordinates to serve the guests in the hotel, without any confusion. As a manager, he needs to explain the goals and expectations of the hotel to the staffs and at the same time motivate them to give the best output. An effective manager has to describe the process to complete the task and why it has been conducted because the more he communicates with his staffs, the strong relationship he builds with them, which is vital for running any business.

With marketing department
A manager also needs to communicate with the marketing department. Since it is his responsibility to enhance the reputation, the manager have to come up with plans that can maximize profit. Continuous interaction is important to make the marketing department realize the ultimate goal of the hotel and create a plan that can set up positive image. If necessary, the manager have to organize meetings discussing issues related to promotion. All these required excellent communicating skill, which will unite the staff together at the time of working.

With Customers and clients
Customer and the clients is reason for the existence of the hotel. If the manager fails to impress the guests, the hotel should be ready to face the loss. Customers can have queries, complaints, requirements, which the managers have to listen patiently and reply with a welcoming tone. There are occasions when customers get annoyed with the services; on such a situation the communicating skill can save the image of the hotel. The manager must not abuse the customers, rather he has to control all the emotions and speak with a polite nature. A manager has to understand every customer and interact accordingly.

Balance working environment is possible, only if the manager can communicate with the employees of the hotel and its customers without any complication. Moreover, the role of hotel manager varies and it keeps on evolving. If he cannot solve matters with simple means of communication then things would get further perturbed. For a business, which involves direct interaction with public, quality communication is incredibly important. Therefore, effective communicating skill is one of the principle to be the best hotel manger.

Author Bio:
Madhavi Roy is a freelance writer. She takes interest in writing on hotel management topics and latest development in this industry. In her pass time, she loves to cook that encourages her to carry out research on hotel industry.

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