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Things Married Men Don't Want to Hear

>> Sep 4, 2013

One of the greatest things about being married is that you don't have to be worried about what, when and where you're saying something. But if you don't watch you mouth, it is very likely that you fail into a really unpleasant situation, which he later will remind you over, and over, and over again.. Sometimes the ugly truth comes out in a hurtful ways, rather than helpful ones. Here are some advices that may help in such situations.

'Ugh, we are having dinner with him again?!'
 Well, of course you don't like this smelly, rude and vulgar friend of his. We would be more concerned if you did. And no one says spouses are required to adore each other’s friends. The problem is that you're insulting the man's choice of friends. If he insists on going out with someone, well... he probably enjoys his company.  You can always suggest that he and his pal spent a nice guy's night. In that way you will give him freedom to spend some time with his friends and give him a reason to show his appreciation later.

'He called and wants to see me? What's wrong with that?'

Your ex is back in town and invites you on a lunch. Of course, he does not intent to do something inappropriate. And he knows that you're happily married.  But your partner will probably not accept it so good. So in this case, may be the best solution is to keep this to yourself. We know your partner is not interested in details about your ex, so the less you talk about him, the more secure your husband will feel.

'You bought me that?'
          It is a well-known fact that men are not keen on shopping. And there are only  a few times when they decide to actually buy something for their wives. And in most of the cases these are some occasions. So they remember quite well these little gifts and the fact that you cannot even remember the little things he tried so hard to choose for you is pretty insulting.

           This simple word can totally enrage your spouse. The meaning behind it is that you are absolutely NOT interested in what he's talking about or (and perhaps the worst situation) it indicates that you're boiling with anger and don't want to share it with him. So, try to avoid using it. Sometimes it just comes out of your moth and there is nothing you can do. But what is important is that if you don't agree with your partner or have something, which you want to discuss with him – share it. It will be much better than simply keeping all your worries for yourself.

'You never...' or 'You always...'
          Think about it! Neither of these is actually true. Starting a sentence like that will make your spouse start a fight straightaway. If you want to say that he rarely think of washing the dishes or often thinks he's right about something, just try not to exaggerate and clearly claim what you mean. That way it is much more likely that he will listen instead of  starting another fight and proving you that you're wrong. 
Author Bio: Emma Trevisani  is a married woman and a mother of two wonderful kids- a boy and a girl. She is currently working for http://www.tenancycleanerslondon.co.uk/end-of-tenancy-cleaning-bounds-green/ and enjoys the job because she has enough free time for her family and her writing hobby.

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