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Hearing Deficiency in Child

>> Oct 24, 2014


Need flair parents and those nearest to observe hearing deficiency in infants or children. Hearing loss in children can be found before birth (congenital) and after birth. Moreover, it can be hereditary (derivatives) and non-hereditary.

The most common causes of hearing loss in children are:
-History of hearing loss since birth in the family. Actually, the child hearing is functioning since she/he was in the womb. At the time of gestational age 20 weeks, the fetus can actually hear.

-Infection of the mother during pregnancy, such as torch. For torch infection, doctors recommend pregnant women to be very careful in maintaining her pregnancy.

-Abnormalities in the anatomy of the neck and head area such as no ear formation. Small ears or a closed ear canal can be one of the causes of hearing loss.

-Not smooth childbirth process sometimes may cause hearing loss in children. In certain circumstances, such as babies deprived of oxygen, it is possible exposed to the risk of hearing loss.

-Weight infants less than 1500 grams. As long as the baby is treated correctly, babies with less weight will not have a hearing problem. But for low-birthweight infants born in remote areas who aren’t covered by adequate health facilities, the baby may be exposed to the risk of hearing loss.

-Babies with hiperbilirubin. Bilirubin will impact the child's hearing loss. Infants with hiperbilirubin will require a blood transfusion.

-Ototoxic (antibiotics), especially drugs by way of injection.

Early Detection.
Hearing deficiency experienced by children since birth is often difficult to know at an early stage. Because children have a hearing loss only, without any abnormalities such as mental and motor, the child usually looks healthy, active enough so that his hearing deficiency hidden.

Parents need to be suspicious if a child does not hear when there are certain sounds that should be heard by the child.

Consider some of the following symptoms that indicate a sign that your child having trouble hearing:

  • Is the child sleeping quietly, without affected by surrounding noises?
  • Child shows less response to the sounds of toys that sounded from the back of the child or simply only gives response to loud noises.
  • Tend to see the other person’s face to get a lip gesture.
  • Frequently asked repeated questions or words.
  • Wrong response to simple commands.
  • Difficulty catching consonants.
  • Child's responses are inconsistent, sometimes there is response, sometimes not.
  • Difficulty capturing conversation in noisy environments.
  • Limited speak ability and word comprehension.
  • Decreased study achievement.
  • Have behavioral problems, both at home and at school.

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