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Travel Tips for Enjoying Srilanka on a Budget

>> Oct 12, 2014

Srilanka is a very beautiful country filled with fascinating sceneries, beaches, wildlife and wonderful people It is located to the south of India inside the Indian ocean as it is an Island The island is popular for its numerous tourist attractions which includes; Arugam Bay which is a beach filled with tourists and Yala National Park where one can find wild animals Its very cheap to stay in the country as transport, accommodation and food are very affordable. Here are 10 travel tips for enjoying Srilanka while on a budget;

Cost of Transport-Transport in Srilanka is cheap as the common modes of transport are by use of trains,buses and tri-shaws.The best way is to travel by the public bus which is cheaper and faster thou it can be very uncomfortable They travel around the island making it easier to arrive at your destination without getting lost The trains are much comfortable and they are much cheaper but can be much slower The tri-shaws are the most popular form of transport and they are fun to ride in Rental cars and cabs are more expensive but some tourists prefer them as they come with drivers.

Accommodation -There are plenty of affordable places to stay as most of the hotels are cheap Hotels like Galle,Kandy, and Aqua hotels are cheap and their room standards are of good quality Most of the hotels close to the tourist beaches are quite expensive so it’s advisable to look around for cheaper rooms.

Food $ Drinks-Srilanka boasts of delicious foods which can be cheap and very affordable The restaurants have a huge selection of foods and different types of curries Its advisable to look for restaurants mostly filled with locals as you can be sure to find cheap and tasty meals.

Water-It’s good to ensure that you carry with you bottled water as tapped water is not portable you can also buy a local drink made from coconut water.

Connectivity-Guest houses and hostels have Wi-Fi but can be a bit expensive there are many internet cafes around which are much cheaper.

Seasonality-The country has got two monsoon seasons which makes the roads difficult to pass through and it’s even more risky when there are floods you should take this into consideration before planning your trip as it can be very expensive.

Tourist attraction-Some of the main attractions can be very expensive and overcrowded so it’s best to avoid these places as they tend to charge more.

Shopping-There are lots of items in the markets ranging from bracelets, bags and jewellery which can be found at affordable prices Payments are made by the use of a Srilankan visa as the ATMs are many in the areas.

Tips and Hand outs-It’s important to tip the locals for their services,e.g.,driver or a waiter. Sri Lanka is a tourist destination worth visiting as it has some of the world’s finest sceneries and has very hospitable locals.

Visa-it’s important to have a Srilankan visa as you might be required to use it in the bank or when shopping.

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Portal Berita Unik October 12, 2014 at 8:44 PM  

ijin berkomentar dulu, baru membaca hehe

Stewart M October 13, 2014 at 3:32 PM  

This is part of the world I have always wanted to see - one day maybe!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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