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How to Become a Good Father

>> Oct 17, 2014

In a family, the father's role will greatly help the development of the child. But unfortunately, because of their busy work, there are lots of fathers who don’t have much time together with family. If you are a father and have such condition, you should -as much as possible- fix the pattern of your life. Bring yourself closer to your child since many factors of their development rely on you.

Some studies show that if a child actively engages his father in doing daily activities, then they will have high IQ, achieve better academic achievement, and rarely be involved with drugs as well as delinquency.

According to Wade Horn, Ph.D., a psychologist and director of the National Fatherhood Initiative (a working group that examined the role of the father in the family), it does not mean that the kid without a father's role will grow into a child as opposed to a few points above; it's just that the child will have a higher risk.

When the baby is still in the womb, the father is able to create a bond with the baby. For example, when the baby is kicking, the father could respond by gently patting and talking to him as the answer, so the baby can recognize his voice and this could strengthen the inner contact between father and baby.

After birth, the active role of the father is going to help the baby's development, for example:
-two months old baby: social response is getting better
-six months old baby: developing good motor nerve

Then, how to be a good father? Some of the ways are following:

  • Take some time to spend with children.
  • Communicate openly. Openness will make a child doesn’t hesitate to show emotion and talk to his father.
  • Apply good time management so that the work does not take up all of your time.
  • Hold their trustworthy and keep promises. If you’ve promised to your child, stick to that promise, don’t delay.
  • Accept responsibility. Make sure that the child's needs such as clothing, home, food, education, and health are met so that he will grow up with good character.
  • Become example for your child by guiding and providing a good example.
  • Most children imitate their parents’ words and actions. Therefore, keep your attitude, words and actions, especially when you’re with the children.
  • Provide a sense of security and protect the entire family.

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