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Seeing Wife in Childbirth

>> Oct 8, 2014


Not all men are able to see his wife giving birth. But there are also a lot of husbands who want to see how his wife struggles during the birth of their baby. In Indonesia, the increasing trend of men waiting and seeing the delivering process is very encouraging.

This good trend could be due to several factors that influenced it. The first factor is the role of advertising especially the ‘Standby Husband’ campaign that has been done by the government in recent years. Unlike other previous campaigns that held to make successful government programs, the ‘Standby Husband’ campaign clearly makes the husband as the main target.

The second factor is the role of media which often exposes the male celebrities while waiting on his wife gave birth. The third factor is the influence of the countries that are already highly developed. There, the husbands were used to waiting his wife gave birth. Globalization helps to spread this information.

One expert stated that based on the ethical code of health, especially in obstetrics, a woman giving birth does need the support of those close to her, such as a husband or mother, mother-in-law, sister, or anyone close to the woman who gives birth.

Although it can be accompanied by another person, but the presence of her beloved husband psychologically will greatly assist the process of birth. But the husband should examine his ability himself first. Does he stand the sight of blood, the sight of baby out of the vagina and so on.

Assessing yourself is very necessary, since the husband's presence in the delivery room could become a trouble for the medical staff and doctors. If you are a husband who wants to care for your wife later, a doctor will prepare you first. The doctor will explain how the process of childbirth in outline. He will also ask you if you stand the sight of blood or not.

If the husband can’t stand the sight of blood, doctors usually only allow the husband to accompany his wife before the birth process, for example by continuing to support his wife while she was in pain. Or husband only presented at the time of the baby will come out.

Well, as a husband, are you able to see your wife in childbirth?

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