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5 Mistakes to Avoid while Selecting a Wedding Photographer

>> Oct 30, 2014

Hiring a wedding photographer is a critical decision was that you need to take while attending a wedding. Arranging a wedding is quite strenuous and a lot of activities have to be completed simultaneously. So many couples tend to commit some critical mistakes while hiring the wedding photographer. We will discuss these common mistakes today so that it acts as a ready reckoner for the couples will need to hire a wedding photographers in Ireland.
Common mistakes to avoid:
1.    Treat your wedding photographs like treasure: many couples do not realise that the wedding photographs will be amongst the very few wedding memorabilia they will possess for years to come. Hence, they do not give due importance to this part of their wedding arrangements and tend to hire any wedding photographer they can catch hold of.

They need to realise the importance of having great photographs clicked because those will re-kindle their memories when they grow old. Hence give due importance to this wedding photographer selection process and ensure that you get the best photographer that you can afford.

2.  Thinking the cheapest is always the best: Many couples try to hire the cheapest photographer that they can find. They don’t realise that good photographers come at a price and the have a reason why they charge higher fees. The cheapest photographer might be a newcomer in the business, or is not very skilled because of which they don’t expect to get a high remuneration for their services. Always strike a balance between cost and quality while choosing a wedding photographer.

3.    Not doing proper due diligence: Many couples blindly rely on someone else’s recommendations and hire a wedding photographer. They do not realise that that taking this one-size-fits-all approach is often flawed. Everyone has a different requirement for photography, and not every photographer can fulfil it properly. Hence while taking a reference of a photographer from someone is okay, they have to do their own due diligence to find out whether the wedding photographer will suit their purpose properly.

4. They hire photographers without understanding their style: every photographer would be having a distinct style with which he will be comfortable. It is not necessary that the style will be as per what the couple might be looking for. For example, some wedding photographers are experts in the traditional style of photography, while the couple might be fascinated with the photojournalistic style. Such kind of mismatches will definitely ensure that the end result is not as per the liking of the couple. Hence, check the style of the photographer before you hire him.

5. Not checking what is on offer: several photographers offer wedding photography packages. The couple needs to be sure that all the services they require are included within the package. If some of the services are missing, then they need to go for a customised package. Otherwise, they run the risk of some of the events not being photographed by the wedding photographer.

Avoiding these mistakes while choosing the photographer will ensure that the wedding photographs are as per the expectations of the couple.

About Author: Alisha Craig is an expert wedding photographers in Ireland with an experience of 14 years.

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