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7 Simple Tips to Get Your Kid to Sleep

>> Dec 2, 2014

At about 2 and half years, some babies begin to have sleeping problems. They seem not to want to go to bed at bedtime, even when they are forced into it. They stay awake and just howl and play on the bed. If parents fail to help their kids get to bed at the early stage, at some point it would be hard controlling it, and they will be falling asleep well beyond 11pm in the night. A child that sleep late in the night wakes up late, they never get enough sleep, become less active during the day and do not get full time required for mental and physical development.

A child is likely to have a hard time going to bed if he struggles to fall asleep, resisting to go to bed, snores at night, awakes in the middle of the night, fails to breathe properly during sleep, or breaths loudly while sleeping.

Here are 7 simple tips to get your kid to sleep:

1. Lights out
At two years or three and above, chances are that most kids are not afraid of the dark. Quietness and darkness will keep them silent and locked under their blankets. A child will get a sleep faster with the lights off. If they do not like the darkness, stay around them until they doze-off.

2. Bed Time Should Be Special
Is bedtime a special time? Most kids hate going to bed because they feel they hate the entire process. Make going to be fun. If possible, go with the baby to her/his bed, tell some bedtime stories. If you plan to tell bedtime stories, ensure you start early, to ensure you do not spend one hour storytelling, yet its bedtime. Calm the baby by telling some stories.

3. Bedtime Routine
Make bedtime a routine, if you want your toddler to go to bed at 8am, there should be reminders in place to ensure that you help her to go to bed when bed time alarm rings. A routine will make parents' time much easier.

4. No Games before Bedtime
Bedtime should be bedtime. Most parents will allow their kids to play into late night. While it is not easy cutting down on children's playtime, a parent can avoid child games when bedtime approaches. If possible, children should eat their supper, then head to bed a few minutes later.

5. Sleep Environment
A child will not go to sleep when the mood does not suggest so. Ensure the TV is off, no computers on, switch off the electronics that may cause disturbances, switch on the small night sleep lights, and ensure the room is totally silent. Do not close your baby door completely while they have a nap.

6. Bedtime Snacks
Babies should sleep for more than ten continuous night time. They need enough energy to stay strong and rest their growing bodies peacefully during the long nights. Get used to giving them some snacks, energetic foods, some fruits or beverages just before they go to bed.

7. Work it out as a team
The sleep strategy should be discussed and implemented by both parents. Discuss the best strategies for your baby going to bed and work together as a team to ensure the baby adapts to them. One parent discouraging the efforts of the other or each parent having own strategies destroys every little effort. You can call on CSA number and help and support the children. 

3 komentar:

putra December 4, 2014 at 5:20 AM  

for me to get sleep is just easy as lay down in the floor :))
No need to help :D

yuna December 4, 2014 at 1:29 PM  

hi...nice to meet you...please visit me back..

A Colorful World December 5, 2014 at 8:05 AM  

Great info! It's been years since I needed to help a child to sleep, but interestingly I have been trying to learn how to have a complete good nights sleep for myself these days! A lot of the same rules apply. Hope you are having a great week!

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