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The Right Toys and Games for Your Toddler (2)

>> Dec 18, 2014

I almost forgot to share the other three games that suit your toddler.  So, here they are:

5. Communication Games
Form: chatting on the phone, talking in front of the mirror, looking at books

Benefits: since in the womb, the fetus is trying to listen to the words in native language. At the age of five, children need to be taught to digest the words of the people around him, in various languages, dialects, and intonation.

Encourage your child by continuously taking children to communicate at any time. A study at Harvard University, USA, stated that toddlers who are often involved in the talks, they will show better communication development than children who asked to be silent when parents are speaking. Children are often involved in the conversation may bring up certain topics, and have a lot of vocabulary. Read together and telling stories on a regular basis is also necessary to do.

6. Critical Thinking Games
Form: match the pictures, a guessing playing, make a simple experiment.
Benefits: critical thinking is the ability to grow with age. This ability includes difficult ability that takes time to develop, but toddlers are already able to be taught to think critically.
Support your kid by answering his questions, especially when it starts with the word "Why".

7. Cause and Effect Game and Abstract Concept

Form: snakes and ladders game, kid’s monopoly game, yoyo, simple science experiments, for example, water freezes into ice.

Benefits: recognize the relationship one thing with another thing, and abstract thinking.

When children begin to learn and think, basically they are universal scientist. An experiment on infants aged eight months showed that they've been able to play with numbers. Even children aged 18 months were able to arrange items by categories such as big, small, and colors. Big jump occurs in children aged 2-3 years. With eyes closed, they could mention the items in the room-which previously was shown to him.

Encourage your child to play with all the stuffs in your house, whether it's buttoned jacket or photos on the wall. Your neighborhood offers a variety of playing materials for children, including to learn counting.

Ask kid to learn art, because some of the research results showed that not only monopoly or snakes and ladders games that can sharpen math skills. Art activities such as dancing, singing or painting also hone logical intelligence because there is geometry, causal; draw a line technique, rotating degree, etc.

Allow child to learn from mistakes. From mistakes, your children can learn the causal relationship.

2 komentar:

Satriyo76 December 20, 2014 at 5:26 PM  

mantap review game-nya buat anak mba lina..sambil nge game sambil belajar banyak hal kalau kita ikut memandunya

salam satriyoku.blog

btw halaman link exchange di blog ini kemana yah..??
perasaan dulu tahun 2010 ada deh

Ninneta - MissPlum December 20, 2014 at 10:39 PM  

Snakes and laddders is one good game for kids and super fun for adult. do it all the time.... hihihihihi...


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