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How to Prevent and Handle Child Diarrhea

>> Dec 22, 2014

After knowing the dangers of diarrhea in toddlers and some possible causes, parents also need to know how to prevent and treat child diarrhea so that you can prevent and provide proper treatment when diarrhea attack your loved ones.

Here's how to prevent diarrhea in children:
-Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your child. Likewise with your child, teach her/him to always wash hands before eating and drinking, after defecating, going out and playing.
-Avoid making a big difference when feeding your child. If you want to introduce new foods, do it slowly and gradually so that your child's stomach is not 'surprised'.
-Throw away food that has fallen to the floor. Although the floor looks clean, but there remains the possibility of harmful bacteria lodged in the floor.
-Clean fruits and vegetables before cooking or given to children.
-Cook food thoroughly, especially when you cook meat and eggs. Germs or bacteria on groceries will die when cooked.
-Check first dairy products before given to your child. Some children have lactose –sugar component on milk- intolerance which makes diarrhea.
-Cek drugs consumed by children. Some medications can affect diarrhea.
-Use safe drinking water or cooked the water until boiling.

But what if your child already affected with diarrhea? Following the first treatment  that can be done to care children with diarrhea:

1. Give liquid or drink and eat
Breast milk, soup, fresh fruit juice, coconut water, and water can be given to replace fluids that have been lost when the child poops. For infants with diarrhea, give milk more often than usual.

For children who are not breastfed anymore, as often as possible given the size of the fluid as follows:
-children under two years: a quarter or half a cup size 250 ml
-children over two years: half to one cup size 250 ml

If the child is vomiting, you should wait up to 10 minutes, then start again giving him water to drink it slowly and gradually.

You should give food to a child who has diarrhea. Although your child refuses, make the kid want to eat little but often. The function of feeding during diarrhea is to give extra energy that reduced during diarrhea and that children don’t lose excessive weight. Foods that are recommended are soft food like rice porridge, mung bean porridge, fish or meat that cooked until tender.

2. Give Oral Rehydration Salts.
ORS is a combination of salt with water. Its function is to help the body replacing fluids lost through diarrhea. Children under 2 years of age need a quarter to half a bowl of 125 ml of ORS, give after he has liquid defecation. As for children over 2 years, give half to one cup of ORS.

3. Sugar and salt solution.
Make this solution if ORS is not available. The solution of water with six teaspoons of sugar mixed with half a teaspoon of salt. How to give a sugar and salt solution is as similar as you give ORS.

Diarrhea can harm your child. Remain vigilant and immediately take the child to the hospital for further treatment if the following conditions in your child happen:
-diare lasted more than 12 hours
-eject liquid stools several times in one hour
-the defecation looks reddish or mixed with blood
-often vomiting
-body fever up to more than 39 degrees Celsius
-child feels thirsty but declines when asked to drink fluids or water
-both sunken eyes inward
-body is very weak
-child is often sleepy or doesn’t respond to your call

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