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Teachergive Sale 2023

Raising Kids? Best Tips to Buy a Family-Friendly House

>> Dec 9, 2014

Buying a home looks extremely easy if you are alone or with your spouse or friends. However, things become a little complicated when you have family comprising your spouse, parents and especially kids. Raising the offspring is not an easy task and your home is a place where the kid will spend his/her whole day. So, don’t you think that home you are choosing to buy is apt and designed to suit your immediate needs? Moreover, the environment and the neighborhood hold dire importance when it comes to choosing a home to raise kids.

There are certain points that you have to keep in mind before signing the dotted line so that you can be assured of a safe home in hand. Children tend to run and remain unstable and thus, there is a need to get a home that can give them space and a surrounding for their life to actually happen.

1.   Size Does Matter
Kids are naughty. They run and play around the whole house and in such situations if the size of the home is not big enough then accidents may take place. Older generations have managed with small homes but the new generation kids are more of indoor human beings sort of. If the place is big then your sanity will not be affected and the children can freely play wherever they want. Furthermore, the issues surrounding allotting a separate room for the kids will not be there as bigger homes offer ample space for children to play.

2.   Greater Safety
Kids love open area and here if you manage to get a house having larger area then this is definitely a plus point here. You will be relaxed if you have a home where your kids can live safely. Apart from big rooms, there are other aspects that you should look out for:

  • Open floor in halls or near the kitchen from where the lady of the house can keep a tab on the children.
  • Do inspect the closets and in-built cupboards so that you can track the chances of kids getting trapped in.
  • The electricity sockets and systems
  • You should check whether the property has a yard or swimming pool. If yes, then make sure that they are fenced

Apart from this, you should also check whether the neighborhood is safe or not.

3.   The Location
Checking the location where you want to buy a home is of paramount importance if you have kids and a complete family. This is important because your family will have a life here and there will be a lot of interactions with people around. Moreover, exigencies come on head without prior signals so you will have to make sure that the important social as well as commercial infrastructures have closer proximity to the home. The location should be such that you can take your kids out in the local vicinity, make friends and do away with the outer chores easily.

4.   A Tint of Practicality
Here being practical means to know the needs of your family and then finalizing an abode. While making a deal, compare the size of the house with the needs of your family. Make sure that the house is big enough to accommodate all the things and has enough space to house everyone. Moreover, it is important to realize whether you will find spending time outside, fun or not.  Raising kids is not a simple task; you have to make your child know the world and that too for good. Therefore, it is important to realize the practicality associated with buying a house in cases when you have kids and family with you.

5.   Take Helps from Agents and Internet

If you are still battling with the issue of buying a perfect home for you and your family then there is another fool-proof solution to this. You can approach real estate agents for a better deal as these people know the business and can bring you down to a good and budget friendly home. Apart from this, you can take help from the World Wide Web and nail down the best of deals using real estate portals available. You can simply type in your requirement and the property portal can list down a range of available homes for you.

Before We Go….
Your kids are your life and your family is the reason for your survival. This factor is enough to encourage you to choose a home that fairly comes up on all the criteria mentioned above. Apart from the above mentioned points, you should make sure that you have enough capital with you and a strong family support so that the dream home comes to you easily. This may not be a deal breaker for you but the mentioned points can definitely put you on the right path.

Author Bio
Vineeta Tiwari is a keen writer on Global Economy and Realty market. She has written articles on Global realty market and ongoing trends and tips for investors. An ardent reader, she is happy to pen down research based write-ups for global audience. Currently, she is professionally associated with popular realty portal, 99acres.com.

2 komentar:

Staff Administrator December 9, 2014 at 3:51 PM  

Tips cocok buat yg lagi niat ingin membeli rumah nih mbak Lin..

Kalau dapat rezeki sih pingin beli rumah lagi, hehe :)

Blogs Of Hariyanto December 9, 2014 at 8:49 PM  

bagi saya..lokasi adalah hal yang paling utama saat akan membeli rumah....lokasi yang safety buat seluruh keluargaku,,,
keep happy blogging always...salam dari makassar :-)

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