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A Joint Family? Tips to Find a Cozy, Family-Friendly House

>> Apr 6, 2015


A joint family is not just a family but a canvas that depicts different choices, lives, problems and ethics. A joint family depicts the concept of different individuals carrying a different mindset living together under one roof and that too with harmony. The happy co-existence is supported by moral values, love, affection and obviously a house that can accommodate all. A house carries a much broader meaning than just barely being an option for accommodation. A joint family that comprises of elderly people, youngsters and kids live with their feelings attached with their spaces.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to find a home that can give them ample opportunities to lead their lives like a king in the new home. Here are some of the tips for a potential home renter who is looking out for a ‘nest of affection’ for his/her joint family:

1.   The Locality
A renter should take this aspect seriously while on house-hunt for his joint family. The locality should be such that it offers proximity to the essential infrastructures, such as market area, malls, school & university area and hospitals. The working people in the family can have a tough time if the commercial hubs or the office area is away from the residence. Thus, the renter should also consider the aspect.Summing these basic needs, excellent locality, neighborhood and connectivity are some of the factors something that should be taken care of. A joint family may carry a different outlook and choices thus selecting a home that balances every demand can be the best deal.

2.   Size of the House
Since, a joint family comprises of kids and people of varying age groups starting from 20-60 years or even more; a house that accommodates well should be selected. The size of the house should be bigger enough to encapsulate the preferences of the dweller. Kids need an open space to run & play, elder people mostly prefer to sit in the open area and during summers, the entire family would love to enjoy at the terrace. Thus, a renter should take note of the size of the house. However, a bigger house may cost a lot much thus, a resale property or an independent house in a less developed or developing area of a city can be considered.

3.   The Interior
Interior is also one of the most important factors when considering a home for the joint family. The interior is not supposed to be costly or modern but free of any damage. A dilapidated house can be a big mess for any family and dwelling in false condition can be a major turn-off. Leaked ceilings, washed-off walls and low maintenance are some of the negative factors that can affect the peaceful living. Dull colors, gloomy areas and bad lightings are also some of the aspects that can come up as major put-offs for the dwellers. A potential renter should check the interior of the house properly and pin-point similar issues to the owner or the real estate agents for rectification. For instance, rental house in Chennai, Kerala or any other core south Indian cities will have more of open area as a part of their traditional architecture. However, cities like Delhi/NCR follows DDA rules and design style.  

4.   The Other Practical Aspect
 Apart from size and interior of the house, there is another practical aspect that a renter should take note of and that is the size of the family and how each member functions. A joint family can have 6, 10, 15 or even more members and each will have a different style of doing the chores; thus, the workflow should be considered properly. Here are some of the questions that the new home should be able to answer:

  • What if everyone is on the same time schedule? Will the kitchen and dining room be large enough to let people cook and serve meals with other folks?
  • What if there are guests dropping by? Is the seating facility spacious enough?
  • Is the number of wall sockets enough for all the computers, televisions and electronic items that the family would use?

5.   The Safety Factor
Apart from a safe locality, the house should also be able to satiate other safety criteria, such as the balcony should have longer and covered grills for safe kid’s play area, the chimney or the in-house fireplace should have a perfect diffusion system to avoid smoke accumulation, the staircase should be safe with each step broad enough to ease the climbing up and down task. The house should also have electric meters and MCBs well-laid and covered so that kids or people don’t get in touch with them, accidently.

A house should bespeak love, safety and practicality, all in one. Then only, it will be able to accommodate the souls lovingly and properly.
Have a happy search!!

Author Bio
Vineeta Tiwari is a keen writer on Global Economy and Realty market. She has written articles on Global realty market and ongoing trends and tips for investors. An ardent reader, she is happy to pen down research based write-ups for global audience. Currently, she is professionally associated with popular realty portal, 99acres.com.

2 komentar:

Nonoy April 7, 2015 at 4:11 PM  

I suppose this only exists in America and other countries, not in the Philippines. Or is there a joint house in the Philippines? I would want to have a house like that. :)

Leovi April 8, 2015 at 8:52 PM  

U r right! For me the safety factor is most important, luckily my town is very quiet and safe!

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