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How to Make your Bathroom Absolutely Childproof

>> Apr 19, 2015

Parenting can sometimes be very difficult task. Giving your kids all love they need, educating them and raising them to be good people, would be hard enough even without the need to monitor them 24/7 in their early years. But although it sometimes seems necessary, watching over your kids without a break is simply not possible. Second best thing would be childproofing your house and here we will give a few advices for all supermoms and superdads out there of how to secure one of the places that is most interesting and most dangerous for kids – your bathroom.
Restrict the access to the bathroom
If you think for a while, it is a matter of common sense, but very few people ever thought of that. Of course there is no need to carry the keys with you all the time. Depending of the type of door, there are numerous ways to restrict bathroom access. One of the most practical is to install hook-and-eye lock on the height your kids can’t reach. Another method is choosing a doorknob covers only adults have enough coordination and strength to open. Chances of your kid hurting itself will be reduced dramatically.

Supervise your kid when in bathroom
You can’t prevent the little ones from entering the bathroom completely, of course. But when they are inside keep an eye on them to ensure their safety. Teach them to ask you for access and make this part of your and their routine. Once they are used to that, you will lower the risk of them trying to break in.
Going an extra mile
While the two advice we gave above are very useful and perfectly applicable, we have to admit to ourselves that, for the myriad of reasons, our kids will, sooner or later, venture into bathroom independently. Good news is that there are myriad of ways to keep them safe even then and we will mention some of them:
1.   Be very thorough while cleaning: Look for all the places that are within your kid’s reach and clean them one more time if you have to. Mould and mildew can hide around the corners, sinks and the bathtub. Also, you should try to prevent them even from showing up, so ventilate your bathroom after showering.  That doesn’t require much effort, but it will save you a lot of time in the future.
2.   Remove all the appliances: We all love our appliances and we love them even more when they are usable from the get-go. But, leaving them scattered around the bathroom in is certainly irresponsible if you have kids at home. So keep all the things that produce heat, such as curling rods and hair driers orderly packed, washing machine unplugged, and razors, scissors and other sharp stuff well beyond the reach.
3.   Hide the medications and cosmetics: You are starting to notice the pattern here, don’t you? Everything that can be removed from kid’s eyesight should be removed. Instead of explaining you why these things can be harmful, we will just give you the short list to spare you the time. Here they are: aspirins, antacids, prescription drugs, all of the cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, vitamins and yes, even the toothbrush.
4.   Set back hot water to reasonable temperature: This way you will reduce the risk of scalding, and that will prove beneficial not only to your kids. You may also add an anti-scalding device on the faucets for the extra caution.
5.   Put the lock on everything: It’s really not expensive and it also fits in the regular costs so make sure to call bathroom renovations Sydney. Locking up the toilet will end your kids' fascination with putting head there and keep the water-happy toddlers clean and tidy. Same goes for the lockers. You will sleep better if they are properly guarded. As we mentioned above, you don’t have to carry the keys with you all the time. Just hang them in the bathroom where kids can't reach them.

Although it might seem like you are putting too much effort into all of this, you know how they say – Better safe than sorry. Majority of these measures count as everyday routine, so implementing them shouldn’t be too much of a bother to you and it can mean everything for your kid’s safety.

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