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Blogs Can Be Valuable Travel Industry Assets

>> Apr 22, 2015

The travel industry boasts a number of specialized segments. For many niche properties and resorts, finding the right fit and marketing partner can present a challenge. Consequently travelers that have specific interests and needs deserve to have access to relevant and important information. The internet provides an answer to both of these unique challenges, and the Outdoor Traveler Blog is a great example of form finding function. By relaying relevant material, addressing specific concerns, and providing social interaction, the website helps travelers to a dedicated niche, in this case outdoor travel experiences; make informed decisions on destinations and resorts.
Outdoor Traveler Blog

Lake Lanier Islands Resort in Georgia- image:otdestinations.wordpress.com
Relevant Material
The whole point of niche travel is finding relevant material to share with customers. While the outdoor segment is loaded with potential activities, such as kayaking, hiking, and fishing, other segments have other needs. Sharing a fishing location with a theme park crowd is not exactly top quality marketing, but finding information on new developments at a popular park is. Hotels and resorts need to take a hard look at their clients and guests to uncover what they want to hear and read about.

Specific Concerns
A travel blog has the luxury of being as specific or as general as needed. The topic and niche decide on the details. Focusing a post on a specific property can benefit travelers looking for new ideas or unexplored areas, but information on wildlife trends, snowshoeing trends, or other specific ideas can really develop an audience and serve the travel industry at the same time. Finding the niche and filling it with information is really what it is all about.

Social Interaction
Social interaction is popular in the travel industry. While once viewed as a passing trend, the impact that social marketing can have on a property can be staggering. By being able to bring together people interested in a specific niche, the ability of a blog to bring new eyes to a resort, restaurant, or activity center is unprecedented. Furthermore, the ability of real people to interact and comment on the individual posts can increase the reach of the blog exponentially. Social media works in favor of specialty travel sites, because the people clicking those buttons are interested and invested in the concept.

In the end, blogs are a form of social media that can highlight different areas of a given resort or be focused across a niche as a whole. By sharing relevant material, highlighting specific concerns, and providing the chance for social interactions, blogs can help brands build a large audience of potential clients. The unique marketing method can be operated by a third party or developed by a resort, either way just getting the information to potential customers makes some serious impact.

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