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Creating the Perfect Study Space for Your Child

>> Apr 15, 2015

While studying at home is always the best option, unfortunately, it has many downsides which could lead to poor study results. However, if you stick to a plan, and make sure that you follow everything, it will be possible to create an environment that will help your child stay focused and get real studying done. On the other side, it is important to look into what helps your kid with learning, so that you can utilize it, and integrate it into the perfect environment that will be great for studying.

The perfect spot
Although it is great to study in their own room, it will be necessary to make sure that they are not being distracted by anything, and that they have a quiet and engaging environment that will help your child study better. If it is possible though, you can make sure that every distraction, especially those from their computer and TV, is avoided and removed; or at least make it so that those distractions will not interfere when it is time to study, make it clear that when it is time to study, they should be able to clearly focus on it, and not on something unimportant.

Making to-dos
It is important that you make to-do lists so that you and your child can stay up to date with what needs to be done, and to follow set rules which will help them focus better. Most importantly, you should develop a homework to-do which will help and guide your kid, so that it will be easier to stay on track and make sure that everything is finished on time and without any distractions. And if they managed to finish before time, they can be rewarded with extra time to play around outside.

No distraction zone
It is very important that once you set up the study room that you get of not only distractions from everyday objects, but also from things happening around your home too. Make sure that you run over a few ground rules and encourage what your kid should be doing in order to tune out distractions and to focus on studying. After all, you need to teach your child to be able to focus on the studies even without you having to interfere.

The right food
Remember to mix together certain snacks which are high in protein and carbs, that will give that extra power to study through hard sessions. Also, a snack break is always necessary to clear your kid’s head and to give a chance to stretch their legs. Furthermore, it should be noted that your child needs to have steady breaks every hours or so, it will help with getting stimulation from other sources, and it will also help with gaining new perspective on the problem at hand. Do not forget to have fresh water at hand, as dehydration can really be a problem for thinking and studying, but avoid sugary drinks at all costs.

Making it comfortable
Studying is always hard, but you can make it easier for your child, and create a comfortable environment if you get a few comfortable, and ergonomic pieces of furniture, it will be possible. But, always account for the fact that sitting in one place can be tedious and boring, and your kid will wiggle around a lot; but instead, if you get a few floor rugs, it will be possible for your kid to study even while lying on the floor. However, make sure that you clean your rugs regularly, because it can collect dirt and dust.

A safe haven for studying
Even though it is not easy to create the perfect study place, it is vital that you work together with your child, because you cannot know everything that can help in order to study better. On the other hand, try your best to keep noise and distraction levels to a minimum from the house itself, as it can be very distracting for your kid. Frequent breaks are necessary to maintain high levels of interest and to clear your kid’s head in order to be ready for the next heavy study session, and also to keep motivation levels high. 

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