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Tips for Spending More Quality Time with Your Children

>> Apr 10, 2015

Parenting is a job. Period. And just like any other job, it demands a lot of effort and a lot of dedication. It was Dr. Anthony Witham who said that children spell love – T-I-M-E, and he was definitely right. In order for your child to remember and cherish moments spent together with you and your partner, you have to make that time full of memorable activities which will stay in their memory forever. However, with busy schedules we all face each day, it is hard enough to organise time for children, such as school, afterschool activities, birthday parties, holiday trips, and the like. Even though it may seem hard enough as it is, you somehow have to manage to squeeze in some more, extra moments to spend with them. And here is how.
One-on one
No matt-er if your child is still a toddler or a schoolchild, spending time together should become a normal thing to do. It would be best if you organised one-on-one time, for doing something you both would enjoy. And it need not be only Saturdays. For example, If you are a good cooker, and you see you child likes how you are doing it, try giving ‘lessons’ to your child and make cooking dinner a fun activity for the both of you. Even occasional walks or sitting on a bench in the park can be quality time. Talk helps, so you should use those moments to explain your child all the things it is interested in. Make it fun an memorable by bringing their favourite juice or cookies.

Integrated daily schedule
You have probably noticed that children love to help. Especially you, when they see you have so much to do. If you have a lot of mailing to do, have them stamp the envelopes. Make a shopping list together on colourful sheets of paper. Turn grocery shopping into fun time together. Preparing a lunch box can be a combined activity – you make the sandwiches, and the child arranges them in the box. If something needs fixing, ask your child to help you – let it hold the tools while you repair a leaky faucet, paint the fence together, or clean up the dirt from a broken flower pot. This way, the child will learn basic chores and will appreciate the time spent together with you. Even though you probably think this may take some time, and can be pretty messy, after a while you will make it a routine job, and it will be integrated into your daily schedule. Having little helpers can indeed be a true blessing.

Reading and playing games together
Reading before bedtime is simply a must. And after all, it need not be only before bedtime. If you have some time to squeeze in before dinner, read your child a story, or help them with learning how to read. Help your child develop work habits by helping them with their homework, so that they learn that it is a normal thing to do. They will be grateful for eternity for this. Whether you decide to play games together or bring video games into your lives, these activities can contribute greatly to your quality time. If you want your child to see that you are too able to have fun, you can get a bounce trampoline and show the child how skilful you are at jumping. This way, they will mimic all the human features you have – the busy, organised one, but also the interesting, childlike one. You can also spend your leisure time showing your child how to play a video game, and then watch them become more skilful than you. Let your little learners be more successful than their teachers.

And finally, tell your children that they are having a wonderful childhood because they are spending it with you. Days when they will no longer need you so much will come in almost no time, so you should learn to make the most of every moment you have. The most important thing about parenthood is to teach your children how to be good adults, so that they can pass that on to their children as well.

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