Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Shopious Provides Fun and Safe Fashion Online Shopping Experience

>> May 8, 2015

What is Shopious?
Developed on May 27, 2013 by Aditya Herlambang and Billy Halim, Shopious started the first step in the Indonesia startup industry with the social marketplace concept. Having observed the habits of Indonesian internet active users who prefer using social media like Instagram for buying and selling fashion items, Shopious then transformed the concept into an online store aggregator. Shopious.com now becomes the biggest directory for the Indonesia online fashion stores in social media.
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I’ve written previously about the Shopious platform that benefits both online sellers and shoppers. With the support of Shopious shopping site, Instagram online stores that have been selected before can display their product photos in the commerce site automatically. It will broaden their market potency as the products are easier to be seen by unlimited prospective shoppers. So, this time I’ll write more from the online shopper perspective.

Shopious is created by the founders to ease every buyer finds the needed items that provided by lots of trusted sellers in social media. Shopious is like a mall online. It's functioned to display a wide variety of quality products that still focus on fashion goods for women, men, and children, gadget accessories, fancy products, and also home d├ęcor items. In this case, Shopious has important role in keeping the safe and comfortable shopping experience for every shopper.

Why Shopping at Shopious?
There are some reasons that you can consider below:

-A compilation of trusted sellers and resellers that selected by Shopious.  
You can see the whole sellers at the list of stores page. The complete directory of thousands of stores that arranged based on alphabetical order and also the province of each store location will help you a lot to find a specific store.

-Large variety of fine quality products to meet your family needs that offered at affordable prices. 
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-User friendly and good navigation system.
Buyers don’t like confusing shopping site. Shopious.com has good navigation system with some proper buttons that lead users to the pages of product categories, product collection, the list of seller members, and the style inspiration. There are also site search menu and other useful features to ease your product search. I like to navigate the product collection pages as the products of sellers have been organized by the Shopious team into various categorized products.

-Simple, neat and elegant site look, fast site loading.
-Good testimonials of real customers.
-PoliceOnline.com (Indonesia online business trust guard site) gives 100% of trust level to Shopious.

According to mentioned reasons above, Shopious is highly recommended to be your top shopping site to get high quality fashion products at best prices. 

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