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8 Common Roofing Problems

>> May 15, 2015

It is always good to do some preventive maintenance on your home. But one of the most neglected part of the home for maintenance is the roof. Some minor signs can lead to re-installation of the whole roof if neglected. In case you realize some signs; you should not take the risk of crawling around the roof. Else you should rely on roof restoration experts for servicing it as soon as possible. Some of the problems that can lead to the replacement of your roof include;
1. Faulty installations
Poor installation of roofing materials can increase the occurrence of roofing problems and reduce the roof’s durability. To ensure that your roof installation is done in the best way possible, you should seek a relevant advice from professionals like WA external solutions.

2. Moisture and leaks
Hail, wind, snow, ice, rain and debris can lead to some moisture accumulation under the layers of the roof of your home. This can causes molds, leaks and rot in your roofing material. Once you notice this problem, do not hesitate to contact experts in WA external solutions and roof restoration Perth.

3. Improper flash installation
Flashing seals all the areas with penetrations to the roof like vent pipes, chimneys, skylights, cooling and heating systems. In case the appliances are installed poorly that attach flashing it can cause laps and open seams. Improper flash installation may also cause reduced in puncture resistance in the roof.

4. Stagnating water
Any water that holds on your roof indicates a problem. Some of the major causes of stagnant water on your roof are debris build up and improper drainage of gutters and HVAC units. In such circumstance you require WA external solutions to install your roof or gutters properly.

5. Trees
Any overhanging tree limbs can rub on your roof. It therefore abrades the surface of the shingles and removes the protective top layer. If a tree branch falls on your roof it can also cause more serious problem. You should rely on our technicians to trim all the tree limbs away from your roofing as much as possible during maintenance. In addition, they remove any tree that can cause a problem to your roof.

6. Ventilation
Attic and roof ventilation are important to ensure long lasting of your roof. They occur naturally if roof installer places them at the base of your roof, mostly at the eaves and near the top of your roof. This allows warm air to leave and cool air comes in. Without them there is no mechanical process that can create the air movement. If unchecked, moisture and heat will build up and therefore damaging sheathing, rafters, insulation and shingles and raise in  energy costs.

7. Blistering and shrinkage
Shrinkage occurs after roof membrane. This causes cracks in uppermost layer. Ridging and blistering on the surface of the roof can cause other big problems, which will require roof to be replaced. So you should make your roof inspected by experts as soon as problem rise.

8. Inadequate roof maintenance
Inadequate roof maintenance is the major source of many roof problems. Some of the roof problems start with little effect like the overhanging tree limbs or accumulated debris in gutters, but if not corrected they can lead to some major problems. To extend the life of your roof and to save your money, you should rely on our experts to inspect and maintain your roof.

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Fajar Sidik May 25, 2015 at 1:35 AM  

leaking is my problem during the rain

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