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Setting Boundaries for Tech-Obsessed Kids

>> May 16, 2015


As technology develops and becomes more widely available, even kids are becoming more and more familiar with it and they are also becoming quite obsessed. In order to regulate their technology obsession and to find a fine golden middle line, it is very important for them to be taught about the dangers technology can hold, so that they can be familiar with the repercussions they could suffer in the long term. However, they should be taught about the good side of technological advancements as well, to be able to fully utilize it in their lives.

What did modern technology bring us?
Although it might seem like we are becoming slaves of technology, it must be first explored what the pros and cons of technology are, so that you as a parent can decide whether it will positively or negatively affect your kid. But, if you notice your children being obsessed, then it is perhaps time to re-evaluate and to start teaching obedience and self-control in order not to let technology take their lives over. In general, the more good technology gives us, the more addictive it will become and the harder it will be to get free of that dependence.

Talking it out with your kids
Before talking any drastic measures, it is important that you first sit down, and talk it out with your kids. The dangers behind technological advancements can be dangerous and it might lead to serious situations, but if they understand the difference and they know how to follow rules, it should be clear to them that there is no reason to worry. Nevertheless, they should understand that spending too much time cooped up behind the warm glow of a screen can be bad for their health, and that they should be limited to using it only when necessary.

Be careful with media
With so many gadgets at our disposal, it comes as no surprise that children have an easier access to media as well. You should be careful as there is a specific connection between media and children which you must understand in order to set a boundary and in order to set an example of what is good to follow up and what should be avoided. The bottom line is that kids need to be able to focus and with so much attention-grabbing media floating around, it is becoming extremely difficult for them, which you should try to regulate as much as possible.


Proper technical safety
Perhaps one of the biggest problems with technology in the house is whether it is safe or not. And in order to make sure that every piece of technology is safe and secure for use, you need to have a professional come and set it up. TV wall installation is something that should not be taken lightly, and if not secure enough, your curious children might end up hurt when they start fiddling around it too much. However, make sure that your kids understand just how many dangerous things are lurking in the shadows with all kinds of technical equipment.

Do not ban it
Your main goal is to limit how much electronics can be used in your home, so that your kids do not alienate their social and moral needs. Do not eliminate the use of technology completely, rather, channel their creativity into something more beneficial and enjoyable for them, so that they can see the use behind certain electrical gadgets and how it can be helpful. Instead of just aimlessly browsing through the Internet, make your kids understand just how much beauty they can discover and help create if they use it wisely.

Make the boundaries clear
Remember that kids are explorative in nature and that they will tend to go against the tide, so if you tell them that something is off-limits just because you said so, it will not last for very long until they try to do the complete opposite. Rather, you need to make boundaries clear and understandable, and most of all, respectful so that your kids do not feel cheated and that the boundaries are fair. But, it is important that you understand your children’s needs for newer technology. 

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Hannah May 17, 2015 at 2:23 PM  

Good guidelines, my grandkids are quite obsessed with computer games, and there are dangers lurking out there for sure. My childhood was quite different, we rode buses and walked by ourselves, and the piano was my equivalent of a video game.

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